The educator Novara: “The reopening of schools cannot be subordinated to the vaccination of pupils”

Starting today, as we know, the anticovid vaccination for all age groups, even for pupils in the 12-15 age group. This is a fundamental step to secure the population, also in view of September, when they return to class. A debate has opened on this point, on which the pedagogist Daniele Novara also intervened.

After the green light for the vaccine for 12-15 year olds, an article signed by epidemiologists, doctors, pediatricians, psychologists, biologists, jurists raises the concern that the reopening of schools should be made subject to vaccination of the youngest, while it would be more urgent to proceed with vaccination of the elderly and the frail“Writes Daniele Novara.

The pedagogist, on the other hand, underlines how “the pronouncements of the Ministry and many institutional representatives instead go in the direction of conditioning the reopening of schools in the presence only of a massive vaccination of categories that are at low risk of infection and contagion and negligible risk of morbidity, introducing a clear democratic vulnus“.

And he adds: “Never before has medicine asked so much: it is worth remembering that medical treatments are administered for the protection of individual health, without being able to be imposed for the sole interest of collective health, especially in the case of minors.“.

Novara therefore reports the thoughts of those experts who do not consider a mass vaccination necessary for that group of students: “Given the low incidence, the low severity of the disease in pediatric groups and the fact that schools do not play a relevant role in the transmission of SARS-CoV-2, even with the new variants, and therefore the limited benefits that vaccines could have for the community, at the moment there is no urgent need to vaccinate young people, while it is much more urgent to vaccinate the many elderly and frail people who, for various reasons not attributable to them, have not had access to the vaccine or have not yet managed to book themselves on the platform“.

Furthermore, although these data are preliminary, in the countries where high vaccination coverage has been achieved (UK, Israel) the infection curve has been reduced even without vaccination of the under 16s.“, Concludes Daniele Novara.

Bianchi and Speranza focus on vaccinating the youngest

In recent days the Minister Patrizio Bianchi has focused precisely on the vaccination of pupils: “Vaccines for young people are necessarily the way, they are the way in which we secure not the single person, but our entire community”. It’s still: “The objectives for the next school year are first of all to restart safely in presence “.

In recent days, the Minister of Education met with his colleague from Health, Roberto Speranza, to start a dialogue precisely on these issues: the two ministers agreed on the absolute priority of reopening schools in full safety, which can also take place thanks to the extension of the vaccination campaign to the younger classes. In the next few days the discussion will continue involving also the Scientific Technical Committee.


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