with whom they “replace” it – Libero Quotidiano

with whom they “replace” it – Libero Quotidiano
with whom they “replace” it – Libero Quotidiano

The bride dies during the wedding, but the wedding must go on. Unbelievable, but true: it happened in India, where what can be defined as the “corpse bride” was immediately replaced by her younger sister. The story was carried over from the Daily Mail and it occurred yesterday in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The girl who was destined for the wedding suffered a heart attack: hers was a sudden and tragic death, among other things while she was exchanging the wreaths with the groom, Manoj Kumar.

Instead of stopping everything and mourning the death of their daughter, her family promptly agreed with the groom’s to restore a very old tradition that provides for marriage to the bride’s sister if she diedto. Obviously, even in tradition it is very rare for a bride to die right on the altar, but so be it: country you go, customs you find, however macabre and inconceivable they may appear.

The tragic episode did not even affect the mother of the dead girl: indeed, she was among the first to scream in despair and ask to find a solution to end the marriage anyway. According to the reconstruction of Daily Mail, it would have been the mother who proposed the youngest daughter Nisha to the future consu-in-laws. Moreover it seems that the corpse of the deceased young woman was held without any respect in a room, until the end of the nuptial procession.

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