The director of Radio Maria: “Salvini has found his faith. I send him sms …”

The director of Radio Maria: “Salvini has found his faith. I send him sms …”
The director of Radio Maria: “Salvini has found his faith. I send him sms …”

This morning Matteo Salvini, leader of the League, with Maurizio Turco, secretary of the Radical Party, and other exponents of the two parties, showed before the Court of Cassation a large banner with the words “Justice referendum“. Subsequently, the promoting committee with double presidency, Salvini-Turco, deposited the six questions in the Supreme Court.

“To make the referendums on justice known, I will rely on Radio Radicale” – said Salvini and surprisingly added – “also on Radio Maria”. Not a bad strategy if you consider the fact that Radio Maria was born in 1982 and has an average of 6 million daily listeners. Amazed, Father Livio Fanzaga, director of the Marian broadcaster, however, explained to that he did not know anything about this referendum and did not have “special skills to talk about it”. At the same time, the director made no secret of having fairly frequent contacts with Matteo Salvini: “Some time ago I read that he rediscovered his faith, also thanks to Our Lady of Medjugorje. Obviously this interested me beyond politics”. Precisely for this fact, Father Livio continues: “I send him every month, like other personalities, the messages of the Queen of Peace”.

We cannot officially speak of fixed correspondence since Father Livio does not have one “never had the pleasure of seeing him live or even talking to him, even by phone”, yet nothing excludes this meeting from happening in the future. All the more so if Salvini really intends to explain the 6 referendums on justice through Radio Maria. “The fact that he does not hide his faith and his Marian devotion, as it often happens in the world of politics “ it is the thing that most strikes and pleases the leader of the League to the radio host.

Despite this, Father Livio prefers to underline: “Radio Maria is extraneous to politics, in the party sense of the term. We are interested in the souls to be saved and not the votes at the polls”. And when asked if he would accept if Salvini asked him to be hosted at Radio Maria for the referendum he replies: “The real referendum will be done in due course by the Queen of Peace”.

His vision of the near future however, he is not so far from the Northern League senator, the hope of the spiritual father is that he is “radically different from what the world elites imagine and plan”.


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