flames in a refinery and on the largest ship in the fleet (later sunk) – Corriere.it

flames in a refinery and on the largest ship in the fleet (later sunk) – Corriere.it
flames in a refinery and on the largest ship in the fleet (later sunk) – Corriere.it

On land and at sea, the “season” of accidents in Iran continues. The last concerned the important Tondguyan refinery, in the southern part of Tehran. A gigantic fire occurred in the plant, on the site there is a large column of smoke visible even from a distance. Based on an initial reconstruction there was one liquid gas leak which then ignited the fire. For the moment there is no news of victims.

The alarm in the capital followed another episode, no less dramatic. The Kharg, a refueling unit and the largest in the Iranian navy, sank following a devastating fire off the port of Jask. The entire crew was safe. Of British origin and entered into service in 1984, he has also participated in missions abroad, including those in an anti-piracy function in the southern part of the Indian Ocean. According to official sources, he was conducting training exercises when the flames developed. The sailors fought for almost twenty hours, but were forced to abandon the Kharg, which then went down..

Great attention then to the Makran’s journey, support ship, with 7 fast patrol boats on board. The cargo – American sources say – would be headed for Venezuela, alongside an escort ship. Maritime affairs experts speculate that it is one supply for the Maduro regime. The two countries have close cooperation in the military and economic fields (including oil). The boats destined for Venezuelans are armed with torpedoes and missiles, probably these are vehicles of the Peykaap class. With an official statement, Tehran warned of any disturbing actions, a message addressed to the US.

The two stories, in parallel, end up in a long list of events that have affected nuclear research sites, military factories, industrial sites. Some cases have been attributed to sabotage, with specific accusations against the Israeli Mossad: such as the explosions in the laboratories of Natanz or the killing of the director of the atomic program Mohsen Farizadesh. Others were likely due to human error or failure. But the repetition of these facts in one infinite chain feeds suppositions, suspicions and also becomes an instrument of political struggle. In the challenge with Jerusalem and in the internal fights between the many souls of the Islamic Republic.

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flames refinery largest ship fleet sunk Corriereit

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