Bride dies during the wedding: they “replace” her like this

Bride dies during the wedding: they “replace” her like this
Bride dies during the wedding: they “replace” her like this

An Indian marriage has recently been disrupted by the sudden death of the bride, but the families of the missing husband and wife have decided to “continue the ceremonyreplacing the deceased “with his sister“. While the Hindu wedding ceremony was in progress, the woman, after exchanging traditional garlands with her future spouse, was cut off by a heart attack. Despite the pain and panic that hit the happy event, the two families decided not to interrupt the ceremony and to have the groom take the sister of the deceased as a new wife. The story took place in the city of Etawah, in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

The bride, called Surbhi, had in fact collapsed due to a lightning infraction, leaving her promised husband, Manjesh Kumar, petrified; a local doctor had been called to the scene immediately, but he had not been able to save her. However, rather than stop everything, the families on both sides decided to move on with the wedding ceremony, simply replacing the bride with her sister Nisha, as if nothing had happened. Surbhi’s lifeless body would then be kept in a separate room during the celebrations for the wedding between Manjesh and Nisha and, later, he was cremated.

According to Ajab Singh, uncle of the deceased, it would have been “extremely difficult“the choice of the two families to continue the ritual and have the man marry Surbhi’s sister:”We have never witnessed such mixed emotions. The pain of his death and the happiness of the marriage have yet to balance“. Saurabh, brother of the vititma, then added in front of the Indian broadcasters:”It is hard to believe that a dead body was in the other room and a bride was being prepared in the adjoining room“. Saurabh himself provided further details on the incident:”Both families sat down together and someone suggested we get Manjesh to marry my younger sister Nisha. The families discussed the matter and both agreed“.

According to Indian media outlets, there are several reasons behind the families’ decision not to screw up the wedding. In particular, the relatives of the bride most likely expected a rich dowry from Manjesh, while those of the man would have absolutely wanted to avoid him. stigma of returning home after a wedding “without bride“.

To push hard for the continuation of the marriage would be Guddi Devi, la mother of the deceased young woman; the woman in question has yet to recover from the shock represented by Surbhi’s death, given that, according to members of her family circle, “invokes continuously“the name of the deceased daughter.

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