Donald Trump says he can return president in August –

Donald Trump says he can return president in August –
Donald Trump says he can return president in August –

The latest of Donald Trump: in August he will return as president.

The former US leader, even if silenced by the main social networks (and despite the closure of his blog, after about a month), returns to agitate American politics.

According to rumors relaunched via Twitter by, among others, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, Trump is telling a number of people he is in contact with that he expects to be reinstated as president by August.

More than a conspiracy theory, a rant, widespread to mobilize the core of the loyal, still in the field.

Last Saturday, May 29, the Trumpians gathered in Dallas, at the Omni Hotel, for a gathering titled For God and Country Patriot Roundup Saturday. The lawyer Sidney Powell, protagonist with Rudy Giuliani of the down-and-out judicial offensive to overturn the result of the last elections, said that Trump could simply return president.

Former Homeland Security Advisor, the general Michael Flynn added that one could think of a coup d’état similar to that of Myanmar, only to quickly back off.

Of course, no one understood how Trump could return to the White House. Here and on the net, laws passed by the Republican Party are evoked. How? By taking out the Constitution? Leading the militias in an encore on January 6? Sick fantasies.

For attention, why the always toxic political climate. A poll released May 27 by the Public Religion Research Institute and Interfaith Youth Core shows that 15% of Americans believe that power is controlled by a sect of pedophiles, Satan worshipers. The research was conducted last March on a sample of 5625 people, aged 18 and over, mixed by ethnicity and religious faith. The institute, which specializes in analyzes that intertwine society and religion, has probed the consensus gathered by the QAnon shakers, the movement born in 2017 and sided with Trump.

The results are disturbing. In particular, 20% of the sample expects a storm that will wipe out the elites in power and put the legitimate leaders back in their place. The percentage rises to 28% considering Republicans only and 14% among Democrats.

In reality, Mar-a-Lago, for the Trumpians the real political capital of the United States, filters great nervousness. The 74-year-old former New York builder watches the moves of Cyrus Vance, chief of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, which has been investigating the business and finances of the family holding company, from hotels to golf courses, for nearly three years. On May 25, Vance called a Grand Jury, to review possible criminal charges against the leaders of the Trump Organization.

On Sunday, May 30, Roger Stone, a consultant and associate of Trump, told the far-right website Infowars: it is possible that within a couple of weeks Donald could be indicted for tax fraud or financial fraud on false and fabricated charges.

In reality, the judiciary is examining, among other things, the financial statements presented to the banks: Trumpian accountants would have inflated asset values ​​to make loans easier. The Donald would be looking for a way out, for example by trying to place the responsibility on the group’s leaders. At the same time, Trump engaged in the political counter-offensive. Soon he will be back in the streets with an epic rally in Florida.

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