Jesus prays for us even if we are in mortal sin

Greetings to the faithful in the courtyard of San Damaso – Reuters

Christ’s prayer never leaves anyone, it reminds us “by name and surname” even in the most difficult moment, even in sin, even if our prayer is reduced to a babble. Pope Francis emphasized this in the catechesis on prayer at the Wednesday audience, which took place in the courtyard of San Damaso in the Vatican.

“The great turning points of Jesus’ mission are always preceded by intense, prolonged prayer”, the Pontiff recalled. Something that also happened when it came to choosing the twelve apostles. “Judging from how those men will behave later, it would seem that the choice was not the best. In the moment of difficulty they fled”, Francis commented, “but it is precisely this, especially the presence of Judas, the future traitor, to show that those names were written in God’s plan “.

From this “we deduce that Jesus not only wants us to pray as he prays, but he assures us that even if our attempts at prayer are completely ineffective, we can always count on his prayer”, he continued.

Jesus’ prayer for every human being never ceases and is constant, the Pope added, even in moments when it does not seem possible. Here Francis asked everyone to do this exercise: “Remember this”. And ask yourself “If I am in mortal sin is there the love of Jesus?”. To then answer yes. Equally “everyone think: is Jesus praying for me at this moment? Yes”. In fact, “the love of Jesus and his prayer do not cease” even in the moment of distance. Indeed, it is at that moment that “they become more intense”.

“Even if our prayers were only stammering, if they were compromised by a wavering faith, we must never stop trusting in Him. Supported by the prayer of Jesus, our timid prayers rest on eagle wings and soar up to Heaven” , the Pope concluded.


Jesus prays mortal sin

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