“I pushed him downstairs.” Video

Winning the fight against bears is possible. Or at least that’s what happened in California, United States, in the city of Bradbury. Where the 17 year old Hailey Morinico she managed to save her dog from the attack of the wild animal that had invaded her property. The “trespassing” took place last Monday, while Morinico was gardening in the back of her house.


In the video taken by one of the cameras inside the girl’s house, a bear who runs along the wall surrounding the house with his puppies. They are probably looking for food or shelter. But, at that point, you hear barking. The dogs try to chase away the intruders and lash out at the wild animal family. The mother of the puppies, then, tries to chase away the dogs using her paws and nails. One of the smallest, however, is in danger. Then the mistress intervenes. “I ran out of the house to see who the dogs were barking at and I saw a bear,” Mornico tells KTLA news. “When I noticed that the bear had grabbed my dog, Valentina, I intervened,” continues Mornico. “And the first thing I thought was to push the animal down below. Somehow it worked. ‘ The bear, in fact, falls from the wall and the dogs are safe. She also suffered no injuries, other than a knee peeling remedied to escape the bears.



pushed downstairs Video

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