ambergris worth over one and a half million euros-

ambergris worth over one and a half million euros-
ambergris worth over one and a half million euros-

A treasure, in the belly of a sperm whale. This is what a group of 35 Yemeni fishermen from the village of al-Khaisah found, who noticed a carcass floating in the Gulf of Aden. They decided, not without difficulty, to recover it (it took 100 people to be able to bring it to shore) but when they did they found a treasure.

In fact, there was in the belly of the sperm whale ambergris also called “Floating gold” for a value of over one million and a half euros. Ambergris or whale vomit is a biliary secretion produced to defend the intestinal mucous membranes of sperm whales, but left to dry it is used in the perfume industry: it is very rare and therefore of great value because it is capable of intensifying fragrances. Although a synthetic version has been patented, the one naturally produced by sperm whales (which has a particularly unpleasant smell, however), it is the most precious and sought after by those who work in the perfume industry.

In short, a treasure in the belly of a sperm whale, and the fishermen who found it have decided to donate part of the sum that will be obtained from the sale of ambergris to help the most needy families in their village. “We were on the boat and we saw this carcass, we thought, come on, let’s go and see – the fishermen told the Bbc – We knew what ambergris was but none of us had ever been lucky enough to see it live».

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