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(ANSA) – TEL AVIV, 02 JUN – Isaac Herzog is the new president of Israel. The Knesset elected him today in the first ballot with 87 votes. The other candidate Miriam Peretz got 26 votes. Herzog – current president of the Jewish Agency and former leader of Labor – takes over from Reuven Rivlin as the eleventh president of Israel, who will remain in office until 9 July. There were 7 abstentions during the vote. Herzog’s majority was one of the largest so far.

“I intend to be the president of all, to listen to all voices, in an attempt to trace the lines of convergence both within our society and with our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora”: said Herzog in the speech of acceptance of the office of Head of State following which he immediately received warm congratulations from Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu.

“The challenges – continued Herzog – are many and must be taken with great consideration. It is essential to heal the bloody wounds that have opened in our society in recent times. We must also defend Israel’s international position and its good name among the peoples. We must also fight anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel. We must also protect the pillars of our democracy. ” (HANDLE).


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Isaac Herzog president Israel Hour

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