Biden, white supremacism is country’s deadliest threat – North America

“Today the deadliest threat to the country is white supremacism”: said Joe Biden commemorating in Tulsa the 100th anniversary of the massacre of about 300 African American citizens and the destruction of their thriving neighborhood. “Hate is never defeated, it only hides”, he added. The president also denounced the attacks against the right to vote of African Americans.

“I’m the first president in 100 years to come here to acknowledge the truth of what happened in Tulsa, we’re here to shed some light and make sure America knows the whole story.”

“We are at a turning point as a nation, what some do not want to see can no longer be ignored: it was not a tumult, it was a massacre”. “For too long the story of what happened has been told in silence, hidden in darkness. But just because the story remains silent, this does not mean that it did not happen: if the darkness can hide a lot , they do not cancel anything “, he added, stating that 100 years ago” hell was unleashed “. Biden then outlined his administration’s measures to bridge the wealth gap between African Americans and whites and defended the right to vote, “the most fundamental of rights” and now “under attack like I’ve never seen before”.


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Biden white supremacism countrys deadliest threat North America

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