Biden from Tulsa: “White supremacism is the greatest threat to the US”

June 01, 2021 11:50 pm

He is the first American president to commemorate the slaughter in Oklahoma, where about 300 African Americans were killed

Biden is the first US president to commemorate the Tulsa, Oklahoma massacre. “I am – he said – the first president in 100 years to come here to recognize the truth of what happened in Tulsa. We’re here to shed some light and make sure America knows the whole story. “

For Biden that of 100 years ago “it was not a revolt, it was a massacre”. The United States “now has the opportunity to know what happened” because “this story has been silenced for too long. But nothing can be erased”.

The president made it clear that “white supremacist terrorism is the deadliest threat to our homeland. The threat is not Isis, Al Qaeda is not but the white supremacists are“.


Biden Tulsa White supremacism greatest threat

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