Navalny ‘lost 8 kilos in jail’ – World

Navalny ‘lost 8 kilos in jail’ – World
Navalny ‘lost 8 kilos in jail’ – World
Russian opponent Alexiei Navalny has lost eight pounds since his arrival at Pokrov’s IK-2 penal colony and “himself links that weight loss primarily to the fact that they don’t sleep and wake him eight times during the night. “: the Telegram account of the politician reported, taken from the online newspaper Meduza.

The weight loss, according to the message, would therefore have begun before the start of the hunger strike recently announced by Navalny, who is asking for adequate medical treatment for the severe pain in his back and legs that he has been denouncing for some time.

“All inmates who declare hunger strike must be weighed. Navalny was also weighed,” reports Navalny’s Telegram account. “According to the documents of the penal colony, when he arrived he weighed 93 kilos, now 85, that is, he lost eight kilos before the hunger strike.” The message states that Navalny has not yet received a visit from a doctor for back and leg pain and “there is no diagnosis in the health register or a medical report”.


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