Burma: Suu Kyi accused of violating state secrets – Asia

Aung San Suu Kyi was also accused of violating a law on state secrets dating back to the colonial era. This was announced by one of his lawyers, Khin Maung Zaw. The Burmese leader, kept in solitary confinement by the army since his arrest during the February 1 coup, hangs on various charges, including corruption and “inciting public unrest”. The military junta in Burma has ordered the suspension of wireless internet services “until further notice”. This was announced by the national telecommunications company. The military, returned to power in the February coup, had already ordered the suspension of data transfer from mobile devices. And this new squeeze risks paralyzing online communications in a country where very few people have access to landlines.

At least 15 other deaths were recorded yesterday in Burma, a figure that brings the total number of victims since the start of the anti-coup protests to at least 536: the Association for Assistance to Political Prisoners (Aapp) reports. According to the non-profit organization for the defense of human rights based in Thailand, two people were killed on Wednesday, while 13 had lost their lives in recent days but had not been counted. Authorities have so far arrested a total of 2,729 people. According to reports from the AFP news agency, a brief hearing in the trial of former leader Aung San Suu Kyi is scheduled for today, which should focus on the administrative aspects of the case. – At least 43 children were killed by the armed forces in Burma from the strike of military status in February: Save the Children denounces it, adding that the youngest victim was just 6 years old. The international organization, reports the BBC, speaks of a “nightmare situation” in the Southeast Asian country since the military coup. According to a local monitoring group, the victims of the crackdown on the protests have risen to 536, including many students, adolescents and children.

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