The Last Supper as Jesus revealed it to Blessed Catherine Emmerick

The Last Supper as Jesus revealed it to Blessed Catherine Emmerick
The Last Supper as Jesus revealed it to Blessed Catherine Emmerick
Holy Thursday is a very important day of Lent for a Christian: this is how it appeared to the famous mystic.
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On this day Jesus institutes the Sacrament of the Eucharist, making himself bread and wine for us. That same evening he was betrayed by one of his own, Judas Iscariot.

Jesus showed the Beata Anna Caterina Emmerick (Coesfeld, 8 September 1774 – Dülmen, 9 February 1824) what happened on that day and how Jesus really lived it. Emmerick was a German Christian and mystic nun, venerated as blessed by the Catholic Church, who had particular manifestations and spiritual gifts, including stigmata.

Last dinner

“When evening came, he sat down at table with the twelve apostles” (Matthew 26,20).

“In the Upper Room, after putting on the ritual clothes, Jesus and his guests prepared to eat the Passover lamb. […] The Lord pointed out that a new age was about to open and that the sacrifice of Moses and the Passover lamb were about to be fulfilled.

He also said that the lamb had been sacrificed as it once was in Egypt, “from which country he was about to lead them out.” […] He added that a new sacrifice was about to be made and a new epoch was beginning, which would last until the end of the world.

[…] The Savior broke an unleavened bread and distributed it, keeping part of it for himself, then blessed the wine a second time and said:
“Take and drink the fruit of the vine, for I will not drink any more until the kingdom of God comes.”

Jesus announces his betrayal

During the meal, Jesus spoke with happy tenderness, but suddenly his face darkened, his voice became grave and, addressing the apostles, he said:
«One of you is going to betray me. He is today at table with me! ».

The apostles were shocked and in turn asked Jesus:
“Lord, is it me?”
Watching Judas soak the bread on his plate, as the other apostles did, the Lord added:

«Now, as it has been written, the Son of man is about to go, but woe to the man who will betray him! It would be better for him if he had never been born! ‘
Peter and John asked him worried:
“Who is he?”.

John, who was sitting on the right hand of Jesus, spontaneously leaned his head on the Lord’s chest and heard his voice within him:
“The one to whom I will hand this morsel of dipped bread.” Immediately afterwards Jesus dipped the bread in lettuce and handed it to Judas with great love. Giovanni reassured Pietro with a look.
Judas was completely possessed by a demon; for the whole time of the supper I saw a small monster lying at his feet, sometimes it stretched up to his heart.

The washing of the feet

“So if I, Lord and Master, have washed your feet, you must also wash each other’s feet” (Giovanni 13,14).

[…] Left alone with the apostles, the Lord resumed teaching them lovingly, spoke of his kingdom, of his return to the Father and said that he left everything he had to them. Then he spoke of the penance, examination of conscience and confession of sins, pain and purification.
I understood that this teaching had some relation to the washing of the feet.

Jesus and Peter

[…] During the washing of the feet the heart of the Lord overflowed with love and charity towards his apostles. When he reached Peter, he jumped and exclaimed:
“You will never wash my feet!”

Jesus answered him:
«If I do not wash them, you will not share with me; later you will understand better what I am doing! ».

In a low voice, it seemed to me that she said to him:
«Simon, you have deserved that my celestial Father revealed to you who I really am and where do I go, you alone have professed and declared it; therefore I want to build my Church on you and the gates of hell will never prevail over it. My strength will remain in your successors until the end of time”.

Then the Lord pointed him out to the apostles as his successor when he would no longer be there.
At this point Peter replied:
«Lord, wash my feet, not only, but my hands and head».

Jesus had spoken of the washing of the feet as a purification from daily sins, because the feet are in continuous contact with the earth and subject to getting dirty if you walk without paying attention. This gesture of the Lord, like all the others, had a profound spiritual significance and was valid as a general absolution of sins. But Peter saw too great a humiliation in the action of the Master; he was unaware that soon Jesus would humble himself even to death on the cross.

Washing Simon Peter’s feet, the Lord said:
“Whoever has taken a bath is already completely pure, and only needs to wash his feet. You are pure, but not all! ».

The greatest pain

Having said these words, the Redeemer went to wash Judas’ feet. Extremely moved, Jesus made the last attempt to save him: lowering his face on the feet of the Iscariot, he whispered to him to reflect carefully what he was about to do, because he had already conceived betrayal for a year.

Judas pretended not to hear and continued to argue with John; Peter was scandalized and called him back: “Judas, the Master speaks to you!”

And the iscariot replied evasively: “Lord, far be it from me what you think!”
The others had not heard the words of Jesus, because he had spoken in a low voice.
The betrayal of Judas was the reason for the greatest pain felt by the Lord in his passion.
When the Savior washed John and James’s feet he spoke of humility, He said that the one who is the servant of all is the great one, and that they should follow his example and wash each other’s feet.

Institution of the Eucharist.

“The bread that I will give is my flesh for the life of the world” (John 6:51).

[…] I understood that Jesus was about to institute the holy sacrament of the Eucharist […]
The Lord’s place at the table was between John and Peter. The doors had been closed tightly and the atmosphere became intimate and solemn; then Jesus said to the apostles:
«I have ardently desired to eat this Easter with you before suffering…».
Removing the veil from the chalice, the Lord prayed and spoke solemnly, explaining the meaning and course of the celebration.

Jesus gives himself to us in the Eucharist

Then he blessed the bread and the oils and raised the paten with the unleavened bread to heaven as a sublime offering to the heavenly Father.
Placing the paten on the altar, he covered it and took the chalice, into which Peter poured the wine and John the water, then Jesus blessed him by adding water with the spoon.
With unspeakable love, giving all of himself, the Lord prayed and raised the chalice to institute the blessed Sacrament.

Immediately after, placing the chalice on the altar, Jesus broke the bread that he had marked, prayed and placed the pieces on the paten, letting one fall into the chalice.
At the same instant I saw the Holy Virgin receiving the Sacrament spiritually. […]
I saw them all delighted to hear the words of his teaching, except the Iscariota.

Jesus took the paten with the fragments of bread and pronounced the words of the consecration:
“Take and eat: this is my body that I give to you”. When he put the bread on the tongue of the apostles, who were approaching two by two, I saw the face of Judas darken. He had been the third to take the body of Christ. The Lord, placing the morsel on his tongue, whispered: “Do what you want to do quickly!”

Everything was filled with light, the bread fell into the mouth of the apostles like a luminous morsel, filling them with joy. Only Judas remained in the hall like a dark and turbid shadow.

While Jesus uttered the words of the consecration and John poured the divine blood into the six bowls, one for each pair of apostles, the traitor came out of the upper room and ran away. I saw three demons guiding him. ”

(Taken from the visions of the Beata Anna Caterina Emmerick on the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ)

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