Who is Netanyahu and what does he have to do with what is happening in Gaza

Who is Netanyahu and what does he have to do with what is happening in Gaza
Who is Netanyahu and what does he have to do with what is happening in Gaza

Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi, in Hebrew בנימין נתניהו), born in Tel Aviv in 1949, was the longest-lived Prime Minister of the State of Israel. It was, at least until the last, impossible mandate. After ten uninterrupted years, for the time, the leader Netanyahu was missing a majority. Called to form the new government is Yair Lapid, journalist, writer and founder of the party Yesh Atid.

In the last few hours, international attention has turned to the Middle East, towards the disputed territories between Palestinians and Israelis. Neither front spared air strikes and rocket firing at the enemy. Updated data on the number of civilian casualties marks 53 dead in Gaza and two in the West Bank, including fourteen minors and three women; you are the Israeli victims instead.

Whose fault is it? Even with journalists, politicians and Twitter experts, the answer is not so simple, quite the opposite. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has its roots well before the proclamation of the State of Israel in 1948. International opinion points the finger at Benjamin Netanyahu, but what does the former leader have to do with the ongoing clashes?

Benjamin Netanyahu: King Bibi’s life and politics

Benjamin Netanyahu, nicknamed Bibi, was born in Tel Aviv on 21 October 1949; of origin half Polish, half Belarusian. The father’s work, Benzion Netanyahu, allows the family to move to the United States, thanks to the chair of History obtained in Philadelphia.

Returned to the Jewish state to carry out military service, Benjamin Netanyahu is found to operate in Israeli Defense Forces during the “War of friction”Between Israel and Egypt. He will return to Israel to fight the war of Yom Kippur. Returning to the United States, he graduated in Architecture in 1976.

In 1988 he joined the center-right party Likud, of which it is still its own leader Benjamin Netanyahu. With the slogan “A sure peace“Netanyahu wins the 1996 elections and forms a center-right majority.

King Bibi moves the bar more and more to the right, seeking to fortify alliances with the influential religious parties in the country. Even friendship with Donald Trump it is a manifesto of Netanyahu’s policies, such as the US recognition of the state of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

What is happening between Israel and Palestine

These are days of violence between Palestine e Israel, since the fuse of the conflict was rekindled, never completely extinguished. From the birth of the State of Israel in 1948, Jerusalem should have been an international city, but from the very beginning it was a source of conflict with the Arab states.

Jerusalem is also divided and inhabited by Israelis and Palestinians. In particular, the clashes, which led to the current outbreaks of war, took place in the district of Sheikh Jarrah, a historical place for both populations. A predominantly Arab neighborhood, but which for decades has experienced a phenomenon of depopulation due to Israeli pressure.

The clashes became more and more violent: an Israeli missile destroyed the tower of Al-Jawhara, a 50-story residential facility in Gaza. The Israeli plan is to hit as many strategic points as possible, even with the risk of causing civilian death, as is happening.

In response, Hamas has multiplied the number of rockets towards Israel, so much so that the anti-missile shield Iron Dome starts to give way. Israel closes schools and businesses, ANSA ea Lod (east of Tel Aviv, hit by a raid) from this night the curfew will be active from 20 to 4 in the morning.

What is the role of Benjamin Netanyahu

Whose fault is it? Depending on your political sides, your friendships and how far you have gone into the history of the conflict, the answer may vary. However, many are pointing the finger at the former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Per Andrea Dessì, research manager of the Mediterranean and Middle East program, the responsibility rests with the government of Israel. In charge there is still Benjamin Netanyahu and it is his words and his decisions that move the events in progress. Dessì recalls that King Bibi is under investigation for corruption, abuse of office and fraud, but unofficially the state of Israel has been accused of war crimes for the attacks on Gaza for decades.

According to the expert the conflict was heightened (possibly provoked) to slow down the passage of government and divert attention from the trials on behalf of the leader of the Israeli center-right party. Another hypothesis behind Benjamin Netanyahu’s decisions could be, according to Andrea Dessì, the negotiated in Vienna between Iran and the United States. “The simplest way to complicate this negotiation (from an Iranian anti-nuclear perspective) is to increase tensions in the region.”, Argues Dessì.

To date it is impossible to say who is to blame for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and it is even more difficult to find a solution thanks to international intervention. There can only be an end to violence if the state that holds the most military power of the two wants it: Israel.

And Benyamin Netanyahu does not seem to be willing to take a step back: this, in fact, has ensured that he will return “governability and order to the cities of Israel“And that if necessary will come”used the iron fist”.

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