Salary, teachers and ATA make up the arrears with career realignment. To whom it belongs, how to solicit secretariat

Realignment of the teaching career and ATA Who is responsible for, how to solicit school secretariats

During the check of the salary slip carried out by the union for its members, it was noted in several cases, the lack of realignment of the career of teachers and ATA in post 1996 role and with useful pre-role service of more than 4 years.

This entails a delay in the transition to steps 21-28-35 and consequent loss of salary amounts.

The attached file by Prof. Renzo Boninsegna describes, with relative examples, the importance of career realignment and the usefulness of checking whether this fulfillment has been carried out by the school of ownership. The related reminder model for the issue of the realignment decree is also suggested.



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