Rai, the Democratic Party takes advantage of the Fedez-Lega case to change the staff of Viale Mazzini and place its men – Libero Quotidiano

Rai, the Democratic Party takes advantage of the Fedez-Lega case to change the staff of Viale Mazzini and place its men – Libero Quotidiano
Rai, the Democratic Party takes advantage of the Fedez-Lega case to change the staff of Viale Mazzini and place its men – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Specchia

05 May 2021

“Thanks to Fedez. We expect an apology from Rai, a clarification “” Someone should resign, immediately “There is obviously a problem of representation, if the first singer / influencer with 12 million followers who passes is sucked into the rhetoric of the Democratic Party, risking to become the Enrico Berlinguer of social media. And then, in this whole matter of the granite support to Fedez fighting for the Zan law anti-homophobia during the concert of May 1st, there is also, most likely, a fact of political opportunity: Fedez heroic representative of the ideals of the left who is indirectly used as a battering ram by the Democratic Party to break through the wall of the pentastellata leadership in Rai, perhaps change their leadership and replace them with the leaders of the left (less improvised and historically more suited to command). The thesis is fascinating, and not without foundation.

Behind the case of Federico Leonardo Lucia in art Fedez that mounts like the eternal discussions of the old central committees of the party, someone talks about pincer maneuvers to take out the grillini heads in the packaging of schedules. Take Franco Di Mare, head of Raitre, not too covertly accused of having censored the artist: after the echo of the deputy’s warning Pd Orfini (“Someone has to resign.” Without specifying who, but looking at Di Mare) the director was inevitably summoned by the Rai Supervisory Commission. Of course, Di Mare is a tough guy. He has already had occasion to reply: “We immediately realize that in his version (by Fedez who released a recording in which the deputy director of the network Ilaria Capitani would have advised him to refrain from political commentary, ed) there are serious omissions and that these cuts objectively alter the meaning of what the deputy director said in the interview who firmly excludes, twice, any censorial intention and that to the explicit question of the artist if he can express considerations that she considers inappropriate but he appropriate she responds with a clear ” absolutely”.

But there is no trace of this in Fedez’s version ». Di Mare speaks of the artist’s reprehensible manipulation of facts and swells his chest. But Di Mare is in the 5 Star area. As is the director of Tg1 Giuseppe Carboni; as they are part of the network anchormen – Luisella Costamagna conductor of Agorà o Siegfried Ranucci of Report, both good-; as is the CEO himself Fabrizio Salini for months in the odor of replacement, first by whispered voice of Renzi then to Zingaretti’s disappointment. The problem is that Rai always experiences a political subdivision of a difference behind reality. The government has changed, the geography of the spoil sytstem has changed, three rounds of ministers, prime ministers and undersecretaries have alternated in the country; but state TV is still at a standstill in 2018, in the hands of the 5 Star Movement which is no longer a majority in the country but still is in Viale Mazzini.

So, in this historic and ineffable race for command posts, given the formal notice of the center-right, the 5 Stars are now undergoing the silent siege of allies much more experienced than them. And the beauty is that both Giuseppe Conte – who personally chose Salini at the time of the yellow-green government – and Luigi Di Maio are producing in a Tafazzian attack on their own Rai. Conte chirps “I’m with Fedez, no censorship” (congratulations); Di Maio reiterates “Music is freedom, a democratic country cannot accept any form of censorship” (applause). And then they add that “the company is too cleared and the parties continue to get their hands on us”; and that “we need a foundation that offers the necessary guarantees of authority and pluralism”.

That is: Conte has placed the first CEO with full powers and a very solid board of directors there, and complains of his own choice. If I were in the shoes of the Dr. Salini I would feel embarrassed as an object of profound ingratitude. The fact is that Rai is Rai. It is neither censorship nor obscurantist, it is a formidable cultural resource of the country in which the finest minds and extraordinary midfielders shine, but in which even the coffee machines remain fiercely parceled out.

Now, beyond Fedez, the standard-bearer of sexual freedom (he had made a hint, perhaps, to the condition of Amazon workers), I feel I can subscribe to the question that arises Jacopo Tonelli on the States General: «What will Rai do, will it no longer invite Fedez because he stepped on the toes of some bureaucrat or some politician? If it does, it will hurt so much. Because – unlike the time when a comedian could be silenced for his jokes about the socialists – Fedez alone will be able to continue to be followed by a few million people ». Especially what will the 5 stars when will they notice their slow euthanasia?

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