“Congratulations Isabel Diaz Ayuso” – Time

“Congratulations Isabel Diaz Ayuso” – Time
“Congratulations Isabel Diaz Ayuso” – Time

The Popular Party wins the early regional elections in the autonomous region of Madrid and has received the applause of Matteo Salvini, leader of the League. The outgoing president Isabel Diaz Ayuso triumphed at the polls with 43.7% of the votes, bringing the center-right party to 62-65 deputies in the Regional Assembly, more than double the 30 obtained in 2019. to form a government, and which would force the PP to look to the alliance with the far right. Vox, led by Rocío Monasterio, would be the fourth party with 9.2%, would have between 12 and 14 seats and could enter the regional government of the capital for the first time. Even the abstention of the xenophobic, anti-feminist and anti-independence movement would be enough for Ayuso to govern alone. The turnout was a record: 69.19% (at 7pm), 11 percentage points more than in 2019 (58.13%).

Inevitably, the pandemic weighed on the vote, while 40% of infections in the country were concentrated in the capital region. Despite this, Ayuso’s line has always been to oppose the policies of the national government of the socialist Pedro Sanchez, pushing instead for economic reopening. Also for this reason, the regional were preceded by a very heated electoral campaign and were viewed not as a merely local vote, but with a clear national interpretation. Electoral campaign so heated that Iglesias, who resigned as deputy premier to run for Madrid, also denounced anonymous death threats, receiving an envelope with a bullet.

“Congratulations and good work to President Isabel Díaz Ayuso, winner of the Madrid elections, a woman of common sense and courage, who combined the protection of health, the right to work and freedom” Salvini’s Twitter message, who congratulated Isabel Diaz Ayuso, one of the main criticisms of Prime Minister Sanchez’s government and its handling of the pandemic. Madrid is the only major European capital that has kept bars, restaurants and theaters open since June 2020 and in the months of the pandemic, it has led the front of the regions that have challenged the hard line on the closures wanted by the government. A highly criticized strategy, which however did not lead to the feared explosion of Covid outbreaks: with a curfew set first at 9pm and then moved to 11pm, Madrid is the Spanish region with fewer restrictions but the accumulated incidence has long ceased to be the highest in the country and the number of new cases and deaths is far from the peak in January.

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Congratulations Isabel Diaz Ayuso Time

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