Pablo Iglesias, Podemos: “It is important to stop fascism in Madrid”

Pablo Iglesias, Podemos: “It is important to stop fascism in Madrid”
Pablo Iglesias, Podemos: “It is important to stop fascism in Madrid”

Why give up the vice presidency of the government to run for Madrid?
Here something had to be done to stop the ultra-right. Because if Podemos does not emerge strongly from the polls it is impossible that he does not govern the Partido Popular and Vox and that he does not govern the ultra-right. Stopping fascism in Madrid is quite an important task for me to dedicate myself to. There are people who say it is not normal for a vice president of the government to leave such a comfortable seat to lower himself to a regional election where the expectations for his party are not good. But I am respecting my obligations because first of all I am a militant.

Without his candidacy, was there a risk that Unidas Podemos would disappear from the assembly of the Comunidad de Madrid?

There was a risk. Because it is very likely that our candidate will be incapacitated. They falsely accused her of insulting a policeman. And I say falsely because there are videos on the Internet to prove his innocence. In this context, however, it was clear that there was an enormous risk. In elections it is always important to have known candidates, and I have always been clear that I had to commit myself and make myself available where I was most useful and say I’m here.

Will it be possible to form a left-wing coalition with PSOE, Mas Madrid and Unidas Podemos?
I think it would be easy: to negotiate between three left-wing parties as has already happened in other Comunidad. Each must have the weight that the votes of the citizens will have given him. We will see the results. (cough) We aspire to win.[ifyoucancutherebetterotherwisetherestofthetranslationis:IthinktheTVdebatehaschangedalotofthingsbutifwewinthecoalitiongovernmentitwon’tbedifficult[sesiriesceatagliarequimeglioaltrimentiilrestodellatraduzioneè:credocheildibattitotvhacambiatomoltecosemasevincessimoilgovernodicoalizionenonsaràdifficile

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