still a grave mourning for Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth will have to accept another loss. Her Majesty has recently lost another important person. That’s who it was

Not a good time for Queen Elizabeth. Over the last two years, the elderly sovereign has had to face a series of vicissitudes. The first unpleasant episode for Queen Elisabeth it was definitely the resounding farewell toEngland from Harry e Meghan, which shocked public opinion and attracted media attention around the world to Windsor.

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Today i Sussex live in United States of America, in the Santa Barbara County, in California. Their villa of Montecito is valued at approximately $ 14 million. With the farewell to United Kingdom, the former American actress and her husband have renounced all rights and duties linked to the English crown. But that’s not all, why Elizabeth II he also had to endure the legal affairs of his son Andrea, which ended up in all the newspapers after some allegations of sexual abuse.

But the most shocking news for the queen was surely the death of her husband. The Prince Philip he died on April 9, a few weeks before celebrating his 100th birthday. This was the first Christmas that the Queen Elizabeth lived as a widow. After all these misadventures, His Majesty received another devastating news. This is a very important bereavement for her. Let’s find out the reason together.

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Grave mourning for Queen Elizabeth: her lady-in-waiting has died

2021 got off to a bad start and ended even worse for the Queen Elizabeth. The news dates back to last December 29 but has only reached the British media in the last few days: she’s dead Lady Farnham, the lady-in-waiting of Elisabetta. She has been in her service for 44 years, accompanying her and her husband Filippo around the world on their tours.

Philip Elizabeth 15-01-2022
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According to a source reported by The Sun, Lady Farnham era “A woman always in a good mood, very charming and attractive. She was able to be very generous with the new people who joined the Royal Family “. The companion was married to Barry Maxwell, the twelfth baron Farnham, and died in her own home on the outskirts of London.

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In December, there had also died Duchess of Grafton, for a long time Lady of the Bedchamber, the chamber musician of the Queen Elizabeth. She was 101 years old and it seems that the elderly sovereign was very fond of her. This is certainly a particularly bad time for Elisabetta. The Sun commented the last months of the sovereign in this way: “Unfortunately a sad consequence of living a long life is that you have to say goodbye to many people you care about”.

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