the grandmother empties the bill (of 40 thousand euros) for the false social love

the grandmother empties the bill (of 40 thousand euros) for the false social love
the grandmother empties the bill (of 40 thousand euros) for the false social love

A granny 77-year-old gave his savings to a mysterious man, Mark Orion. The mister x promised her, go social, everlasting love. The wife, widow, in exchange for sloppy phrases and promises of an immediate future together, opened her wallet until her bank account dried up. When the daughter of the old Roman woman discovered that her mother, within seven months, had authorized wire transfers for 40 thousand euros, she asked the parent for an explanation.

77-year-old granny scammed via social media

The woman, however, not only told her she was engaged, but asked her for a loan to send more money to his Orion.
Now the prosecutor Roberta Capponi and the carabinieri, in an investigation by circumvention, are trying to give name and surname to Mark Orion with whom the pensioner chatted for a long time, but who she has never seen and met.
Sugar baby – sugar daddy, can also be declined in the feminine, with the woman in the guise, not of the dupe, but in the role of the victim.

Venetian entrepreneur falls in love with a young woman on social media, goes to Africa and kidnaps him

In short, there are not only the cases of the Roman nobleman who strips his heritage to give it to his girlfriend from Eastern Europe or the Venetian entrepreneur who goes to Africa to meet a lady (with whom he had conversation via social media) and is kidnapped at airport by a group of bandits. In Rome, between December 2020 and June 2021, a story with reversed roles is staged: an elderly woman stripped of her liquidation to give it to a man she met on Facebook. The lady started sending money via Western Union, then with wire transfers. To realize that something was wrong was the post office manager who notified the customer’s family. In a few months, bank transfers for 5 thousand euros had been sent, once in France, the other in Germany. Again, the woman had never met the man. Still, her messages were enough to get her to pay. When the pensioner asked him to be seen and to turn on the camera, he replied: “it doesn’t work.” At the 77-year-old the answer was just fine.

Victim of the false elderly soldier in love takes revenge and has him reported

Scrolling through the chats you can read messages such as: «Hello my love, how are you? I haven’t slept all night I’m worried. ” «Honey – Orion always wrote to her – I’m worried about you, I’ll never dare lie to you. It’s your money, do what you want. “

Frosinone, the online refugee scam-Latin lover: “I love you, but give me the money”

But the 77-year-old had decided that she wanted to give her savings to her virtual partner. And when the daughter had begun to interfere to wreck the relationship, the mother had reassured Mark: “I spoke to the lawyer and I told him that we intend to date.” He, who had understood that he could no longer steal more money from the pensioner, had tried a last blow: «You are risking a lot, I have the possibility to collect 1 million euros, but I have to win the case. Thanks to you I can do it. Know that nothing matters to me more than our love. Trust is the basis of our relationship is the most important thing “. In the end, the daughter managed to block the last crazy bank transfer, shattering Mark Orion’s projects and also the heart of the mother who, of the stranger she had never seen, had really fallen in love with.


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