smart working and early restaurant closures are back

smart working and early restaurant closures are back
smart working and early restaurant closures are back

Boom of Omicron cases in Sweden, which are putting pressure on the hospital system. In the coming days, new restrictive measures will be introduced, such as smart working and early closure of restaurants. Prime Minister Andersson: “The situation has worsened”.

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The variante Omicron worries the Sweden, where in recent weeks there has been a surge in infections that is putting the health system under pressure. Over 60,000 cases were recorded last week alone, never so many since the start of the pandemic, despite limited testing capabilities. In the country, famous for its no lockdown strategy followed at the beginning of the health emergency, they will therefore be introduced restrictive measures to stop the advance of the virus, including smart working and early closure of bars and restaurants.

The measures were announced today by the premier Magdalena Andersson, who explained at the press conference that “the situation worsened. The infection rate in Sweden is at the highest level ever recorded, “despite 82.2% of the population over the age of 12 being fully vaccinated with two doses.” I am well aware that these measures will have an impact on daily life of people. Therefore, I also want to point out that they will be temporary, that both the government and the authorities will assess the need for the measures on an ongoing basis, “he added.

Among the measures that will be implemented there are the obligation to work from home, where possible, but also there closing of restaurants at 11pm (starting January 14), in addition to maximum of eight people a meeting and the limitation of participation in public events to a maximum of 50 people. Everyone is also asked to limit their social contacts. The new measures will be re-evaluated between two weeks, but the goal is to keep them in place for at least four weeks. As for the trips, all passengers over the age of 12 must present a negative Covid-19 test certificate upon arrival in Sweden. This applies regardless of the vaccination status. Antigenic and molecular tests are accepted as long as they have not been carried out more than 48 hours before the time of entry into Sweden. Swedish citizens and residents, on the other hand, are exempt.


smart working early restaurant closures

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