Uganda, schools reopen for the first time after two years of Covid-

Uganda, schools reopen for the first time after two years of Covid-
Uganda, schools reopen for the first time after two years of Covid-

About half of the 10.4 million students have stopped studying during this period and it is feared that a third will not return to school. The alarm of the NGOs for the rights of children

A record stop. After two years of closure due to the pandemic, schools have reopened today in Uganda. About 15 million pupils in the African country have not attended school since March 2020 (10, 4 million to be precise), for 83 weeks specifies the Guardian
. A decision strongly criticized by children’s rights organizations, as recalled by the New York Times
. Today it is feared – in fact – that about a third of boys will not return to school: many have started to work to help parents affected by the economic crisis linked to the pandemic, but there are also girls who have become mothers in the meantime. And again, thousands of schools in economic difficulty will not resume classes and many teachers have found another job to survive.

The testimonials

Even before the outbreak, I was struggling to pay for school fees, she said worriedly Everyln Nyakato, 42, a beauty salon worker and a single mother of five. I know I’m not alone in facing a similar situation … a nightmare, especially for the poor, she added. I am so happy that I missed school, my teachers, my friends and my studies, he said the small Nawilah lowering u, 10, of the Nakasero Elementary School in Kampala. We cannot allow this to happen again. We must keep schools open for every child, everywhere, said theUnicef via Twitter. A position also shared by Save the Children
who clarified how there could be high school dropout rates in the coming weeks if there are no urgent interventions to support pupils.

The political confrontation

All educational establishments have adopted guidelines and standard operating procedures to ensure the safe return of children to school, and measures have been put in place to enforce the rules for those who do not, he told theAfp the Minister of Higher Education, John Muyingo. The opposition accused the government of taking advantage of Covid to impose stringent lockdown measures designed to stifle dissent ahead of the 2021 presidential elections and the protests that followed.

The pandemic in the country

Schools officially reopen because, despite the low vaccination rate, most of the teachers were immunized. The closure of schools – the government clarified – was decided to prevent children from infecting their parents and risking becoming orphans as happens with HIV. Uganda recorded 154,511 infections and 3,357 deaths related to Covid-19, according to the latest government data published on 10 January.

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