Macron against Zemmour but Pécresse overtakes him

Macron against Zemmour but Pécresse overtakes him
Macron against Zemmour but Pécresse overtakes him

It is unprecedented. A neo-Gaullist remuntada in just three days. And the Macronie’s fort turns out to be vulnerable. Now that the French center-right has calibrated the tachometer, finding unity around the name to be presented for the challenge at the Elysée, the closer scenarios freeze the base of the head of state’s party: if you voted today, Valérie Pécresse would win, center-right candidate, nominated Saturday after the victory at the Congress of the Républicains. The chats of En Marche have gone crazy in the last 24 hours, because the president of the Ile-de-France region has given a shock to the campaign for the Elysée 2022, impressing media acceleration on its themes: economy and security, first and foremost. And in a very rapid rise in the polls, she is now credited with 20% in the first round of April; only 3 points behind Emmanuel Macron.

What alarms the “flock” of the head of state – as some Républicains call the militants of a party-person inconsistent on the local level – is however the other data, from the Elabe survey for BfmTv and L’Express: for the first time, Pécresse is in fact the winner of the presidential elections, in the second round, with 52% and 4 points of difference to Macron. Possible scenario, thanks to the votes of the electors of Éric Zemmour and Marine Le Pen, which would in part converge on her in case of defeat of the extreme right at the first appeal.

The outgoing president is silent, the spokesperson for En Marche entrusts reporters with reassuring phrases: “The president is on the field, talking about pensions, purchasing power, public services, general interest, we do not comment on the rest”. True. Macron resumed the pilgrimage to the deepest of France, and yesterday from Vichy he beat up what seemed to be the only candidate capable of beating him until a few days ago. Paying homage to the deportees and honoring the parliamentarians who opposed full powers to Marshal Pétain in 1940, Macron challenged Zemmour on his fetish matter: “We are careful not to falsify history,” he told Radio France Bleu. Speaking, however, as head of state. In fact, only he is missing in lane 1 for the presidential elections. The opponents are already at the starting line. He is slow to formalize the re-nomination, and Vichy becomes the ground zero of the battle for the Elysée. The base of En Marche trembled with a strong signal, only partially launched. Without quoting him, and without evoking the controversial words of Zemmour – who raised a storm in late September by explaining that “Vichy protected the French Jews and handed over the foreign Jews” – Macron thunders: “History is written by historians.” So “we are careful not to falsify it, confuse it, to make revisions, let’s respect it.”

«It is easy to say 50 years later that it is France’s fault», is instead the version of the polemicist: «France is not guilty, the culprit is Germany». Will the president be able to pull the ears of the opponent who winks at the ultranationalists to recover?

Yesterday Macron also had to face the resignation of the minister for small and medium-sized enterprises Alain Griset, sentenced to 6 months in prison and three years of ineligibility for incomplete or false declaration of the financial situation. He had failed to declare part of his possessions and business. Last grain is the social controversy that inflamed Twitter last night after the executive’s shock announcement: “From tomorrow, no dancing in bars and restaurants in France until January 6 inclusive”. Discos also closed on New Year’s Eve: waiting to see the most illustrious guest at the ballet for the Elysée, transformed from a simple porteur of the Hollande government to a protagonist, of a France that could put him in the door.

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