Mysterious cubic object spotted by the Chinese lunar rover on the far side of the moon [FOTO]

As part of the Chinese Lunar Mission Chang’e-4, he rover Yutu-2 studied the hidden side of Luna since the beginning of 2019: his gaze has lately been drawn to one strange shaped object Cube, visible in the distance in a recent shot.

It was a science reporter, Andrew Jones, who highlighted a new update of the rover, posting a tweet about the cube-shaped object, called 神秘 小屋 which means “mystery house”. The aforementioned cube is located in the Von Kármán Crater, approximately 80 meters from the rover.

Yutu-2 locates a cube-shaped object on the Moon

The Chinese space agency has released various fascinating photographs taken by the Yutu-2 lunar rover. Among the various future tasks, the rover’s crew plans to reach the cubic object and take a closer look.
Since the perspective is hazy and distant, the true nature of the object should become evident as the rover approaches.

It’s not an obelisk or (a foreign object), but it sure is something to take a look at,Jones tweeted. The science reporter believes that the object may be one rock cut fromimpact of a asteroid. He also shared a photo of a boulder previously observed on the surface of the moon.

The impact craters characterize this lunar area and can contain large material.

So far the rover has traveled about 900 meters on the far side of the moon. The work is done slowly to prevent the vehicle from getting stuck in rough terrain.

The Chang’e-4 mission is the first surface investigation of the far side of the Moon. Scientists have learned a lot about what is happening in the remote area of ​​our satellite thanks to the rover’s efforts.


Mysterious cubic object spotted Chinese lunar rover side moon FOTO

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