The move of war in Putin’s chess game in Ukraine

The move of war in Putin’s chess game in Ukraine
The move of war in Putin’s chess game in Ukraine

The strong footprint of society, from the bottom up, that conditions civil and political life in Ukraine is a potential intolerable cultural and civil invasion in the post-Soviet sphere that Putin protects from interference of all kinds.

Putin annexed Crimea; it divided Ukraine by supporting indirectly but not too much a war in the Donbass which has lasted for seven years and has caused over fifteen thousand deaths, further breaking the unity of the former Soviet country; signed agreements contracted by a Europe led by Merkel, in Minsk, knowing that the counterpart would not know or be able to respect them for the part concerning the federalization of the state and autonomies; now that Afghanistan has gone as it has gone, now that Merkel has gone, now that NATO is brain dead according to Macron’s diagnosis, now that domestic affairs call for the need for a new patriotic takeover, now that the energy is again strategic, hyperstrategic, for the purposes of recovery after the acute phase of the pandemic, now that Lukashenka in Belarus hysterises Euro-Polish neighbors and beyond with North Korean-type maneuvers, now Putin is amassing troops and armaments and threatening direct intervention to recover in essence, the protection of Ukraine, whose president-elect, professional comedian Zelensky, is not considered worthy of dialogue.

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