“So we are fighting Covid”

“So we are fighting Covid”
“So we are fighting Covid”

In a world that tolerates biodiversity, it is essential to open up to a different culture, without any prejudice. Zheng Xuan, minister advisor of the embassy of the People’s Republic of China, on the sidelines of a conference organized by the Communist Party, highlights how a common development, in particular with regard to the Silk Road, not only passes through a sharing of commercial interests, but through an approach of civilization, which means looking at the government of Xi Jinping overcoming any prejudice of an ideological nature.

The United States are pressing for Europe to be more assertive towards China, what can be the role of the Old Continent in relations with its country?

China and the United States are the two largest developing countries. Bilateral relations between these two nations, therefore, are not only important for both, but for the entire international community. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to manage differences in the best possible way, on the basis of mutual respect and above all to concentrate so that there can be peaceful coexistence. The right of each country to make its own development path must be respected. We are in a multicolored world. If we respect and approve biodiversity because we cannot have a little tolerance towards a different culture like that of China. Europe, therefore, must increasingly take steps in this direction.

What does it refer to?

To understand China, one must understand the Chinese Communist Party without any ideological bias. Pillars of its policy are maintaining a global vision, promoting openness to foreign countries, promoting peaceful development, as well as continuous self-revolution.

The investment agreement between Paris and Brussels is still in the works. But in addition to investments, what can be the common ground between Europe and China? Which are the more complex ones?

The common one is certainly the commitment to protect our beloved land. China is ahead of many other realities on the green economy, despite still having many things to do. Complexes, I see very few.

Will you respect the commitments made during G20 and COP26?

Unlike how it wants to pass on some information, there are two priorities for China in the coming years: the fight against pollution and the fight against poverty. They are parallel battles. We are investing a lot to protect the environment, but at the same time to develop development starting from this parameter. In these days in our country, what was promised during the last G20 in Italy is already happening. A new policy on how to reduce carbon emissions has already been adopted.

The great project of the New Silk Road conceived by the People’s Republic is still under development: what role can Italy play?

We are talking about two countries that are characterized by a very long ancient civilization. More than two thousand years ago the silk road connected Italy to China. We are talking about who was, in fact, at the end of the route. The Silk Road has always brought peace and common prosperity. Any initiative, therefore, should be based on respecting these two concepts, as well as openness and sharing. The hope is that through the Silk Road not only infrastructures can be connected, but there is a friendship and a rapprochement between civilizations.

The global coronavirus pandemic has not yet ended. As in Europe, there are also cases of the South African variant in China. How is it dealt with?

Unfortunately, Covid is still an enemy to be defeated. You simply have to stick to preventative measures. We need to keep our guard up because the virus knows no borders, developing a sense of responsibility, which protects oneself and others. With respect to the super green pass, I would not like to comment on Italian domestic politics, but I believe that the Draghi government is making the utmost effort to fight the Coronavirus. Any initiative must be supported. The important thing is to protect yourself. The type of measure identified does not matter. The priority is public health.

The Taiwan question remains open. How do you plan to act?

It is a question of territorial integrity, better still China’s fundamental interests. We will therefore only move in that direction.

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