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Two positive hippos at Covid at the Antwerp zoo-

Two positive hippos at Covid at the Antwerp zoo-
Two positive hippos at Covid at the Antwerp zoo-
from Redazione Animalia

It is impossible for now to determine how they were infected. “They have runny nostrils but no other symptoms and they are fine.” None of their caretakers are positive or have recently contracted the disease

Due hippos of the Antwerp zoo, in Belgium, tested positive for Covid. It is the first time, worldwide, that the virus has been detected in this species, while several cases of positivity have been ascertained in felines, great apes and other animals, as well as in minks.

The two animals, Hermione e Faith, mother and daughter aged 41 and 14 (pictured together in the photo posted on the zoo’s Facebook page), have shown signs of cooling in recent days. Those in charge of their custody noticed, in particular, that liquid was dripping from their noses. Hippos often have wet noses, but in this case the liquid was more abundant than usual, to the point of causing some concern. The park vet, Francis Vercammen, so he decided to subject them to a test which then gave a positive response. “But apart from the runny nostrils – the zoo reassures – they show no other symptoms and are fine”.

The enclosure that hosts them has been closed to the public and will be until they have returned negative. «They will be carefully monitored by their keepers – assures the zoo – and even stricter security measures will be adopted. We do not know at the moment how the animals could have been infected. Their cavergiver
have already tested negative and none of them have recently contracted the disease. ‘

December 4, 2021 (change December 4, 2021 | 4:45 pm)


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