“After the third dose, the fourth and the fifth: a vaccine every six months to beat the Coronavirus”

Robert Redfield is a virologist and until a few months ago he was the head of the Centers for Disease Control in the United States. Today he is an anti Covid-19 consultant for the governor of Maryland and in an interview with Republic outlines the details of the near future with the Coronavirus: «To beat a virus you also need to rely on instinct, be creative, play in advance. Fauci prefers to receive more statistics and information. But we can’t waste time here. The third vaccine must be encouraged. I wish they had said it more clearly ». For Redfield «we need to broaden the parameters of knowledge around the virus. Vaccines are very useful, but over time they lose their effectiveness. The war against a virus will continue for a long time. After Omicron we will have another, more agile variant. In Delta, the spike protein had 3 mutations from the original variant. Omicron has 30! We need to get used to living with the virus. It’s possible”.

Like? “The vaccine is more or less effective depending on the subject’s immune strength. My proposal is to work on the different immune aspects between us. Make a test for antibody checks mandatory with deadlines of three or six months. This way we will know if you need a vaccine every three or six months. I calculate the minimum level of resistance between 300-500 antibodies, without other pathologies. At 1000 antibodies it is much safer. Let your readers do an antibody test right away to figure out what level they are on and if they need to do a booster right away that can report up to around 2,500 or more. Attention, Omicron is no longer dangerous, it is only faster, it has greater contagion capabilities, it can scare. We avoid chaos, we aim for controlled coexistence with the virus. The goal is normality, there is no going back. And we can do it ».

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