Austria, former chancellor Sebastian Kurz leaves politics

02 December 2021 12:22

“My son’s birth was decisive,” he said. But also an investigation into piloted polls that overwhelmed him …

Sebastian Kurz had kept the leadership of the OEVP People’s Party becoming leader of the group in Parliament: but now he will leave both functions and the new secretary of the OEVP could become the interior minister Karl Nehammer.

Wrong decisions during the career – The former chancellor announced his decision to leave all offices with immediate effect during a short press conference. “I am neither a saint nor a criminal. I will prove the allegations raised against my person to be unfounded, even if I will have to wait years”. 34-year-old Kurz has retraced his career, admitting he made “bad decisions.

“I will defend myself from accusations and innuendo” – Lately, however, the flame of enthusiasm has subsided “, because he had to defend himself, according to him, from” accusations and innuendo “, complaining that he felt, together with the staff, at times” the prey of a hunt “.” Support and rejection are important in a liberal democracy “, Kurz specified.” Now I’m going to pick up my wife and my son from the hospital, “concluded the former chancellor. His communication did not include questions from reporters


Austria chancellor Sebastian Kurz leaves politics

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