114 million new vaccine doses to cover the next two years – Corriere.it

114 million new vaccine doses to cover the next two years – Corriere.it
114 million new vaccine doses to cover the next two years – Corriere.it
from Luigi Ippolito

London is preparing to immunize the population every year. The plan: fourth dose in 2022 and also a fifth in 2023

From our correspondent

LONDON – Britain’s vaccine sprint turns into a marathon: London government insured 114 million new doses, so that the population can be vaccinated for years to come. The new supply, guaranteed by 60 million ampoules of Moderna and 54 million Pfizer, is enough to cover a fourth dose in 2022 and a possible fifth in 2023.

As Health Minister Sajid Javid said, these new deals will future-proof Britain’s large-scale vaccination effort: and in particular the contracts, which have been accelerated in light of the arrival of the Omicron variant, include access to vaccines modified to counter new coronavirus mutations.

Today Prime Minister Boris Johnson will chair a summit of scientists and pharmaceutical industry leaders to revive efforts to create variant-proof vaccines within 100 days. Britain has already given 115 million injections, including first, second and third doses: the booster program has just been accelerated and the aim is to give the entire adult population the third dose by the end of January. London is once again betting everything on vaccines to contain the Omicron variant, of which 32 cases have been registered so far: some restrictions have been reintroduced since Tuesday, such as masks in shops and on public transport, but they remain very mild compared to the European panorama. The most notable thing for the change of pace regarding the time horizon: lThe fight against Covid is now seen as a long-term battle, which will require a commitment of years.

the same approach that was aired by Pfizer’s chief, Albert Bourla, who in an interview with the BBC stated that it will be necessary to vaccinate against Covid every year for many years to come, in order to maintain a high level of protection: and his words had been recorded even before the emergence of the Omicron variant and the London breakthrough.

The British have invested something like 2 billion pounds (two and a half billion euros) to secure the vaccines of the future and so far they have obtained a total of over 450 million doses, enough to vaccinate the entire population seven times. Figures that have raised the issue of the lack of immunization of developing countries: while rich countries like Great Britain are shielded from future risks, the poorest are left at the mercy of Covid, with the consequent risk of dangerous variants developing.

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