“Positive at Covid before confrontation with Biden”: the revelation of the former loyalist against Trump

“Positive at Covid before confrontation with Biden”: the revelation of the former loyalist against Trump
“Positive at Covid before confrontation with Biden”: the revelation of the former loyalist against Trump

Donald Trump tested positive for Covid-19 three days before his first televised confrontation against Joe Biden. The fourth and final chief of staff of the former president reveals it in a new book, Mark Meadows. As reported by the Guardian, Meadows also writes that although he knew that every candidate was required “to test negative for the coronavirus within seventy-two hours from the start time of the debate, nothing would have prevented [Trump] to go out there“The debate was held in Cleveland, on September 29 last year, but Trump and his wife Melania announced that they had Covid only a few days later, on October 2. According to what was reconstructed at the time by various media, the two were infected. by Hope Hicks, one of the president’s closest associates, who fell ill on a trip to Air Force 1. On October 5, the former president was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

The book of Meadows and those revelations about the former president

The memoir of Mark Meadows, The Chief’s Chief, will be published next week by the conservative publishing house All Seasons Press. The former chief of staff of The Donald recalls that the news of the positivity of the former president was a shock to the White House that had just organized a triumphant ceremony in the Rose Garden for the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. It was September 26, three days before the confrontation with Joe Biden. Meadows recalls that the head of the White House in those days looked like “a bit tired“and he had a mild cold. That day Trump and his associates were headed to Middletown, Pennsylvania, when news of the former president’s positivity spread. The anti-Covid test was repeated and Donald Trump luckily tested negative for the swab. A that point everyone in the tycoon’s circle assumed it was a false positive.

The “yellow” on the positivity of the former president

Meadows recalls that Trump interpreted the test negativity news as “full permission to carry on as if nothing had happened“. His chief of staff, however, ordered as a precaution that all people in his circle treated him.”as if it were positive“during the trip to Pennyslvania.”I didn’t want to take unnecessary risks“, scrive Meadows, “but I also didn’t want to alarm the public if there was nothing to worry about according to the latest, more accurate test, there was actually nothing to worry about“On Sunday, September 27, Mark Meadows recalls that the tycoon went to play golf in Virginia and attended an event for the families of the military. Subsequently, according to the same former President Donald Trump it is precisely on that occasion that he became infected. For Meadows, the day of the Donald Trump debate was better than the previous days. “Her face, at least largely, had regained its usual light bronze tone and her voice had returned to normal.“notes in the book to be released in the coming days. However, it is difficult to establish exactly whether during the confrontation with Biden Trump was actually positive for Covid or not.


Positive Covid confrontation Biden revelation loyalist Trump

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