Covid, Greece and Austria fine no vaxes. Vienna: “Up to € 7,200 fine”

Covid, Greece and Austria fine no vaxes. Vienna: “Up to € 7,200 fine”
Covid, Greece and Austria fine no vaxes. Vienna: “Up to € 7,200 fine”

Rome, 30 November 2021 – Crackdown in Europe on the vaccination campaign. While the Germany is moving towards mandatory vaccine and lockdown for the unvaccinated, so much theAustria that the Greece resort to many against the no vax. The latest news in chronological order comes from Vienna.

Covid Italia data: the bulletin of November 30th

Austria, towards vaccination obligation

A draft law under consideration by the government provides for thevaccination obligation from 1 February: the amount of the sanction for non-compliant people is not yet definitive but those who do not get vaccinated could face fines of up to 3,600 euros if they refuse twice. In case of repeated refusal, the figure could be doubled. “There are no alternatives,” says Health Minister Wolfgang Mueckstein, given the epidemic situation in the country and the low rate of vaccinated people (around 70%). Elementary school children would be excluded from the obligation. It is not clear from the draft if the booster will also be mandatory and if the recovered will be treated with the same rules as the vaccinated.

Greece, you have a lot of no vax

Greeks over 60 who reject the vaccine against the Covid they will have to pay one fine of 100 euros per month. This was announced by the prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, explaining that “from January 16 all over 60 they must have at least made an appointment for the first dose. “A measure that aims to incentivize the population to immunize themselves especially in light of the fears raised by the new variante omicron. In fact, during a press conference, Mitsotakis stressed that the government’s alert is maximum for the new variant, even if so far no cases have been identified in Greece.

Covid, Germany: nearly 400 deaths in 24 hours

In Greece, the vaccination rate is still low, al 63%, even if the appointments for the administrations have increased in the last few weeks. Mostly concern the approx 520mila over 60 who have not even received a dose, and it is precisely to them that the new measure is addressed. Those who decide not to get vaccinated will have to pay a monthly fine which, as specified by the Mitsotakis, “will be destined for a special fund to finance public hospitals “.

The situation in Greece

Greece was also affected by the fourth wave which has caused infections and deaths to spike. In the last 24 hours in Greece they have been recorded 6,677 new cases of Covid e 108 deadThese numbers are very high if we consider that in October around two thousand new positives a day and around thirty victims were detected in the country. To cope with this new wave from November 22 have been imposed restrictions for the unvaccinated. In fact, those who are not immunized can no longer access public “closed places”, including restaurants, cinemas, theaters, museums and gyms. In addition, the executive has reduced the duration of the green pass a 7 mesi for the over 60s to encourage them to do it as soon as possible third dose.

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