Austria, the No vax Johann Biacsics dies of Covid-19: he had tried to treat himself with chlorine dioxide

Johann Biacsics, spokesperson for the No vax campaigns in Austria, died of complications from Covid-19 a few days ago after being admitted to the Wiener Neustadt hospital near Vienna. And second The time the man attempted to cure the disease with chlorine dioxide. A chlorine dioxide-based product called the “Miraculous Mineral Solution” had already been put under observation by the Italian Ministry of Health in 2019: the risk was that it could cause negative effects on health. Biasics had already refused the vaccine and at the hospital said no to treatment, demanding and obtaining to be taken home. Here he attempted to cure himself with the substance without success. When his condition worsened, the family called an ambulance to take him back to the hospital. Nurses tried to resuscitate the 65-year-old but it was too late.

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Austria vax Johann Biacsics dies Covid19 treat chlorine dioxide

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