“The children remain at the palace”, another drama for the princess – Libero Quotidiano

“The children remain at the palace”, another drama for the princess – Libero Quotidiano
“The children remain at the palace”, another drama for the princess – Libero Quotidiano

As the mystery continues on Charlene of Monaco – where? How are you? When will he come back? – new decisions are made at Palazzo Grimaldi which are likely to further destabilize the sad princess. Charlene Wittstock, you remember, she returned to Monte Carlo a few days ago after spending almost a year in South Africa. Therefore, a new expulsion from the Principality, it seems for a new hospitalization. All after spending those few days in Monaco away from Palazzo Grimaldi and her husband, that Prince Albert with which the relationship seems irrecoverable: Charlene lived in a small one bedroom apartment near the royal residence.

But it was said: the new decisions will only contribute to making this period even darker for Charlene. Indeed, Prince Albert he decided to withdraw his children from school, the twins Jacques and Gabriella. They had started their courses only last September, in a class that combines first and second grade teachings, to be precise in the François d’Assise-Nicolas Barré Catholic institute, a stone’s throw from Palazzo Grimaldi. A big step, especially wanted by mother Charlene, a path that was immediately interrupted.

About a couple of months after the start of the courses, the father has in fact established the withdrawal of the offspring from the institute, opting for thehome schooling, home schooling. Their education will be exclusive and at Palazzo Grimaldi. Alberto, in an interview with Paris Match, he also explained the decision: “Their mother is missing. They support her in her convalescence by sending her a lot of affection. What makes things easier is that Jacques and Gabriella are now being educated at the palace“. Yet, in the recent past, rumors had leaked about Charlene’s opposition to this choice. So much so that as soon as she returned to Monte Carlo, rumors had leaked about the fact that between husband and wife there was a battle precisely over the education of children, with Charlene that he didn’t want Jacques and Garbiella to accompany dad around the world for institutional commitments. Yes, the princess would like a world as normal as possible for the twins, a world in which, for example, like all children, they go to school. But Alberto, also on this, wanted to impose his position.

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