that’s where it’s snowing in Italy, planet in disarray? – Free Daily

that’s where it’s snowing in Italy, planet in disarray? – Free Daily
that’s where it’s snowing in Italy, planet in disarray? – Free Daily

The Arctic disturbance overwhelms Italy and continues its descent towards i southern sectors. The Arctic cold will be today 29 November accentuated by intense winds, up to stormy around the islands. Snow altitude in further lowering to the center and in Sardinia and unstable weather in the Center-South. Temperature rise on Wednesday. But let’s see the situation in detail.

Today Monday 29 November time mostly sunny in the North-West and in Emilia, apart from some thickening on the border sectors of the Alps. There is a tendency to brighten also in the North-East regions and in Tuscany. In the rest of the country the sky is cloudy to very cloudy with rainfall scattered in the morning, more widespread along the Tyrrhenian side and in the western sectors of the islands, in the afternoon on the mid Adriatic, in Lazio, Campania, Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia and, more isolated, also on Puglia and Basilicata. The rains will be more intense and of a downpour or thunderstorm along the Tyrrhenian coasts, in the west of Sardinia and along the coasts of Sicily, except the Ionian ones. A further is expected lowering of the snow level: mostly above 600-800 meters in the Center and on Sardinia, from 900 to 1200 meters on the southern Apennines and on the hills of Sicily Temperatures: maximum decreasing further throughout Italy, with values ​​below the average. Winds: up to stormy Mistral wind on Sardinia, from the west or south-west on the lower Tyrrhenian Sea, Sicily and the Ionian Sea, with stormy gusts even over 100 km / h on the Sardinian Sea; up to northern theses on the Ligurian; Moderate or tense Bora on the upper Adriatic; windy even in the Alps. Sea: the Sardinian Sea and the Canals of the Islands are very agitated; agitated lower Tyrrhenian and lower Ionian; very rough middle Tyrrhenian, high Ionian and low Ligurian; moved or locally very moved the remaining basins.

Tomorrow Tuesday 30 November the weather will temporarily stabilize again in the Center-South as well. Sky clear or partly cloudy since morning in the Center-North, on Campania and Tyrrhenian Sardinia; some clouds will remain leaning against the northernmost Alps, especially the border ones, with some faint snowfall from the afternoon on the north of South Tyrol; residual cloud coverings and rain showers at the beginning of the day along the coasts of Molise and Puglia. Short in the morning residual showers also in the south of Calabria and Tyrrhenian Sicily, with some snowflakes above about 1000 m. In the afternoon rising clouds on the west of Sardinia and some haze on the northern regions. Temperatures: mostly decreasing in the minimum, with frosts also in the plains in the north; afternoon highs in a further slight decrease in the South and Sicily, without major variations elsewhere, still below the norm everywhere. Winter climate. Winds: at the beginning of the day still moderate to stormy from the Mistral on the middle and lower Adriatic Sea, on Puglia, on the southern basins, in Sicily and on the Sardinian sea; with the passing of the hours the winds will tend to weaken.Mari: very wavy or agitated sea of ​​Sardinia and southern seas; the remaining sectors have recently moved to moved.

Wednesday new change of circulation with inflow of milder but also wetter air driven by intensifying Libeccio winds. In the morning the sky is mostly clear or partly cloudy over a large part of the North, over the Adriatic regions and the Ionian slopes of the South; clouds increasing in the west of the islands, on the Ligurian Levante and in the Tyrrhenian regions, with the first rains in Sardinia and between La Spezia and upper Tuscany. During the day, cloudiness also increased in the northern regions and in the interior of the Center; rains also on Lazio and Campania; rains in general intensification in the same areas in the evening and isolated in Umbria and Friuli Venezia Giulia; weak snowfall on the hills of the Aosta Valley from 1000 meters. Temperatures almost everywhere on the rise, both in the minimum and maximum values. Winds: strong Libeccio on the Ligurian Sea; moderate or western theses on the remaining seas of the west; weak in the Po Valley, from weak to moderate in the western regions of Centrosud.Mari: the Ligurian Sea and the Sardinian Sea are very wavy or agitated; very rough the Tyrrhenian; moved the southern basins; mostly the Adriatic is not very rough.

Then, between Thursday and Friday, a new perturbed passage with a cold front character is expected, the advance of which will produce a new cooling. According to current projections, precipitation should affect the Northeast, the peninsular regions and the major islands more directly, with new snowfalls on the central-eastern Alpine areas.

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