Israel demolishes Palestinian homes in the occupied territories with made in UK means

When the Palestinians see the yellow and black cars approaching, they know they will soon be left homeless.

Those destruction machines are manufactured by a construction giant of UK, the JCB, and are used in the Occupied Palestinian Territories to expand Israel’s already extensive network of illegal settlements.

JCB (formal name is JC Bamford Excavator Limited) is a privately held company headquartered in Rocester, Staffordshire. Through its agent in Israel, Comasco Ltd, sells a range of products to a long list of customers, while also providing maintenance services. Among these customers is also included the Ministry of Defense. A nearly 100-page report by Amnesty International describes the use made of JCB products in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Above all of one: the backhoe loader, a machine used to carry out excavation, fill and material handling works and which has a shovel on the front side and an excavator arm on the rear. Along with the report, Amnesty International released an interactive map describing dozens of cases in which, in recent years, JCB machinery has been used to demolish homes and farm structures, destroy water pipes and uproot olive and other trees – all Palestinian property.

In the 54 years of military occupation by Israeli forces, tens of thousands of Palestinian homes and other properties have been demolished and thousands of Palestinians have been displaced. Only in the first nine months of 2021, 673 houses and structures were demolished and nearly a thousand Palestinians have been displaced. In over half a century, Israeli authorities have moved nearly 700,000 settlers to the West Bank and East Jerusalem in what the United Nations has called “blatant violations of international humanitarian law.” Last month Israel approved the construction of another 3,100 dwellings for the settlers.

Amnesty International wrote to JCB reporting that failure to take action to prevent the use of its machinery in human rights violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories runs counter to responsibility that the standards of international law provide for companies. The JCB spades answered: does not operate in the occupied Palestinian territories but merely sells its products to Comasco Ltd. and therefore he does not feel responsible of the use that is subsequently made of it. A Pilates response. Among other things, JCB has diagnostic software (“LiveLink”) that allows it, or rather would allow it, to track down each of its machines, see how it is used and also disable it remotely.

Already in 2020 Amnesty International had dealt with JCB: it had written to the then Minister of International Trade of the United Kingdom, James Cleverly, after it, along with two others (Opodo and Greenkote), had been included in a United Nations list of 112 companies who carry out “substantial and material” economic activities in Israeli settlements.

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