The latest Chinese threat to Taiwan, Beijing deploys 27 warplanes: the move after Xi Jinping’s military summit

Another move by China to discourage Taiwanese secessionists and warn the United States, which supports them. The Taiwanese Ministry of National Defense broke the news on Twitter of 27 vehicles dispatched by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and entered the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone (Adiz). Taiwanese authorities said they had sent fighter jets to control Chinese ones, and deployed missile systems to monitor the situation. It is not the first time that China has sent its vehicles to the territory of Taiwan, which it claims as part of its national territory, but often the expeditions are justified as exercises. As reported Reuters, this time the planes arrive following a three-day meeting between President Xi Jinping and senior Chinese military officers, during which they discussed how to further strengthen their armed forces. In addition, on November 26, China had sent naval and air forces into the Taiwan Strait after a delegation of members of the United States Congress arrived in Taipei. A mission – the second in a month – carried out to reaffirm the “firm Taiwan-USA friendship” and the “solid bipartisan support for the deepening of ties”.

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latest Chinese threat Taiwan Beijing deploys warplanes move Jinpings military summit

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