Omicron variant in Europe: cases from Germany to Holland. Israel closes its borders

Omicron variant in Europe: cases from Germany to Holland. Israel closes its borders
Omicron variant in Europe: cases from Germany to Holland. Israel closes its borders

Rome, November 28, 2021 – La Omicron variant of the Covid scares and spreads like wildfire even in Europe. The latest news speaks of 13 cases already ascertained in the Netherlands, three in Germany and in Big Brittany, two in Denmark. And while they are identified infected by Omicron all over the world (including Italy), two cases are diagnosed in Australia on two people arriving in Sydney from South Africa.

Covid Bulletin of November 28 in Italy


Meanwhile, there are those who try to arm themselves. It is the case of Israel, which from tonight it closes the borders to all foreigners. “Entry is prohibited with the exception of cases approved by a special commission,” reads a note from the prime minister’s office.


Same decision taken by Morocco, that closes its air borders for two weeks. All flights arriving in Morocco are suspended starting from Monday 29 November and up to and including Sunday 12 December. The decision comes from the Interministerial Committee, which follows the developments of the pandemic from Covid, due to the rapid spread of the new Omicron variant.


A choice already implemented for some time by China. According to a calculation model developed by mathematicians at Peking University for the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Ccdcp), if Xi Kinping’s country did not have in place stringent restrictive measures on circulation and travel, it would have up to an average of 630,000 new infections of Covid-19 everyday without more effective vaccinations and specific treatments. Chinese scholars – write the international media reporting the news – have based themselves on the figures relating to the spread of the coronavirus in August in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, France and Israel, assuming the adoption of the same countermeasures adopted from those countries to China.

Sud Africa

From South Africa South African Medical Association (Sama) President Angelique Coetzee said people who contracted the Omicron strain in the country demonstrated “unusual but mild” symptoms. “Patients mostly complain of a sore body and fatigue, extreme fatigue, and we see it in the younger generation, not the elderly,” he said in an interview with the BBC. In his opinion it is “premature” to predict a health crisis linked to the spread of this variant of the Coronavirus, but he also recalled that only 24% of the country’s population is fully vaccinated.

United States

There is a possibility that theAmerica go to one fifth wave of the pandemic: the virologist said so Anthony Fauci speaking to CBS, referring to the threat of the new Omicron variant and pointing to a stagnant vaccination rate and a disappointing race to the booster so far. Speaking also to ABC, Fauci then reiterated how the Omicron variant “will inevitably affect the United States. For the moment it has not yet been detected, but when you have a virus that has already reached several countries, it is inevitable that it will also arrive here”, he explained the virologist.

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