“Molecular buffer and insulation to enter” – Corriere.it

“Molecular buffer and insulation to enter” – Corriere.it
“Molecular buffer and insulation to enter” – Corriere.it

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in a press conference, explained that “as a precaution”, and for three weeks, the rules for entering Great Britain will be changed. “The third dose is vital, the obligation to wear masks indoors”

The British premier Boris Johnson, in a highly anticipated press conference a few hours after the discovery of two cases of variante Omicron
in the country, he explained that his government will adopt a new strategy – which will be implemented for at least three weeks – to counter a variant of which “much, at the moment, is not known”, but which seems to be “Very contagious” he is able to “spread” even “among people who have received two doses of the vaccine”.

Johnson explained that, as a precaution, new restrictions will be introduced for all those who want to enter the UK: a molecular swab carried out within the second day of entry, and theobligation to isolate oneself up to the negative result of the same; isolation for 10 days for anyone who has been in contact with a suspected Omicron variant case, regardless of the number of vaccinations that have been received.

The government will then push for an increase in defenses against the virus: the third dose of vaccine, vital because “a higher level of antibodies should be able to protect against this new variant”, and a more widespread use of masks, with the obligation reintroduced for shops and public transport.

Johnson explained that the variant is “different” from those that preceded it and – flanked by two of the leading British experts, sir Patrick Vallance e Chris Whitty – he also provided details that seem to push further the understanding of what, at the moment, remains a little known variant, however declared “worrying” by the World Health Organization.

“We don’t know how effective the vaccines will be against Omicron,” he explained, “but they will provide some degree of protection, and it is life that everyone is vaccinated.”

Whitty explained that – based on the number of variants in the Omicron – ‘it is it is reasonable to assume that this variant is, in part, able to escape vaccination coverage», And for this it is necessary to increase it with the third dose.

“We need to protect the progress made so far,” said Johnson, “and I am absolutely confident that this Christmas will be significantly better than last Christmas.”

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Molecular buffer insulation enter Corriereit

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