Holland, Covid outbreak on two KLM flights from South Africa: at least 61 positive – Corriere.it

Holland, Covid outbreak on two KLM flights from South Africa: at least 61 positive – Corriere.it
Holland, Covid outbreak on two KLM flights from South Africa: at least 61 positive – Corriere.it

The 600 passengers who landed in Amsterdam yesterday were all swabs after the alarm on Omicron. The test is in progress to ascertain whether the new variant is present

Fear in the Netherlands after the alarms on the new Omicron variant and the first European case in Belgium: of the 600 passengers disembarked on Friday morning at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport on two KLM flights from South Africa, 61 have tested positive so far. Still uncertain whether among them there are cases with the new strain that has triggered alarm in Europe and in the world for its probable greater contagiousness: the Dutch authorities have reported that the sampling of genomes to understand it. The results will not be available until next Saturday, a spokesman for the Dutch Ministry of Health said.

The fact that on board adds to the concern many passengers did not wear a mask, although it was mandatory, as reported by the journalist of New York Times Stephanie Nolen, who was traveling on one of the planes and told her odyssey on Twitter.

While the world warned about the new Omicron variant and the Netherlands also decided to close to flights from southern Africa, they flew to Amsterdam. While my flight from Joannesburg was somewhere over Chad, Europe panicked; when we landed, we were not allowed to get off the plane. They did not even allow anyone to supply them with water, tweeted Nolen, a 50-year-old Canadian who landed at the New York Times last summer as a global health reporter. They made us get stuck on the airport runway, locked on board for four hours, before being sent down to swab, he said.
Other people complained about the lack of information from airport officials complaining that it took seven hours before he was given something to eat or drink. Lorraine Blaauw, who runs a support group for South African families in the Netherlands, told DutchNews.nl that she was contacted by multiple travelers aboard the two flights: It was chaos, no one knew what was going on. There was no food, no milk for the children. KLM provided 30 blankets for 600 people rebuilt.

The travelers who tested positive were isolated in a Covid hotel near the airport (for 7 days if symptomatic, 5 if not). For the others, however, insulation in the house is provided. But another ordeal began for them. That of not being able to have a document that certifies the negative result of the test.

I tested negative. At least today – he writes – After all that time side by side with people without a mask in a closed non-ventilated place, we will see what will happen in the next few days. Now I sit for 10 hours in a terminal waiting for a flight to Toronto (but I accept bets that something will go wrong).
Here’s the problem: I was only given the negative result verbally. I can’t get a copy of the result and therefore can’t leave. I have no way of getting on my next flight to Canada.

Meanwhile, KLM, the Dutch arm of Air France, made it known that the company was trying to understand if the rules were respected to prevent it from Cape Town (from which the flight landed at Schiphol on Friday around 10.30 took off) and from Johannesburg (from which the other plane departed which arrived around 11 am) infected people boarded: passengers should have presented a negative swab done in the 24 24 hours prior to departure, but – reports the PA – no one has verified it.

Fears of a domestic outbreak of the new variant come while in the country, this weekend, there is a partial blockade of shops, restaurants and bars: they will be closed from 5pm. Measures taken for the escalation of infections: in the country of 17.5 million inhabitants it reports a weekly average of over 20,000 daily infections.

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