They eat instant noodles and feel bad: two brothers aged 13 and 9 have died. This is the second case in a week, ongoing investigations

An investigation is ongoing into South Africa after that four children died – after one week – after having ate some instant noodles purchased in a convenience store. The police want to understand if the deaths are connected and, above all, what it was that caused them. The two episodes took place one in the Eastern Cape and the other in Mpumalanga: one dates back to last November 8, the other took place on November 17.

In the first case, two cousins ​​aged 11 and 7, Sinothando and Olwam Ngwendu, felt ill after eating noodles bought while visiting their grandparents: rushed to hospital, they died within a few hours. Then the same script occurred with the two brothers Keamogetswe and Thato Makofane, aged 13 and 9: they too ate the noodles and immediately accused severe pain in the stomach. The rush to the hospital and therefore death. The investigators are awaiting the outcome of the autopsy to ascertain what happened and, if necessary, proceed with the withdrawal from the market of the offending food.

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