Russia, accident in a mine in Siberia: at least nine dead and over 40 injured. Rescue was suspended due to risk of explosion

In Siberia at least 9 people died following an accident in the coal mine in Listviajnaya, which is located in the Russian region of Kemerovo (3 thousand kilometers east of Moscow). The local authorities and theInterfax agency. According to what was written on Telegram by the governor of the region Serghiei Tsivilev, on the spot they counted 285 miners, 239 of which have been brought back to the surface. About 40 were hospitalized. They remain to be searched for yet 46 people.

No details have emerged yet about the causes of the accident, which occurred at 250 meters deep. Rescue operations have been suspended for the time being, due to the risk of explosion: the managers of the quarry have made it known that the rescuers themselves have been urgently sent out.

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Russia accident Siberia dead injured Rescue suspended due risk explosion

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