monstrous car accident, a shocking video – Libero Quotidiano

monstrous car accident, a shocking video – Libero Quotidiano
monstrous car accident, a shocking video – Libero Quotidiano

A real miracle. A video published by the English tabloid’s website Daily Mail shows the exact moment when an unsuspecting pedestrian, crossing thoughtfully pedestrian crossing at a crossroads, he literally sees himself brushing against death.

The images come from Indianapolis and date back to October 17th. We are at the intersection of 82nd Street and Hague Road, the daschcam (the on-board camera placed on the dashboard and mandatory for insurance reasons in many countries of the world) captures what happens at a traffic light. A driver turns red and collides with another vehicle.

Disaster at the traffic light, “pardoned” pedestrian: watch the video of the accident

The impact is very violent, the consequences dramatic: the first car literally flies in the air, rears up after the collision, and lands on a third car not initially involved in the rear-end collision. In those few, precise moments, a middle-aged gentleman is calmly crossing the street, with the green. Only the terrifying sound of the crash behind him makes him realize that something dramatic is happening a few meters away from him.

Not even time to turn around and an out of control car touches him, literally. A slower step or a few centimeters to his left would have been enough and the man would have been run over by the metal sheets that have become a mad bullet. The overwhelmed vehicle ended up on the side of the roadway where the pedestrian was still crossing, landing on the hood of a white Jaguar SUV that was stopped at the traffic lights. A disastrous ripple effect.

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monstrous car accident shocking video Libero Quotidiano

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