Kamala Harris was president of the United States for one hour and 25 minutes

Kamala Harris was president of the United States for one hour and 25 minutes
Kamala Harris was president of the United States for one hour and 25 minutes

US President Joe Biden temporarily transferred his powers to Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday, making her technically the first woman in history to hold the post of US president. The transfer of power lasted a total of one hour and 25 minutes and occurred because Biden was under general anesthesia for a routine colonoscopy.

This type of replacement is common in cases where American presidents are under general anesthesia. Then Vice President Dick Cheney had twice happened to take the place of George W. Bush during his colonoscopies. For Biden and Harris it was the first time.

The handover took place formally through two letters that the president sent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate President Patrick Leahy to warn them that he would be anesthetized. Two more similar letters were sent when Biden regained consciousness and regained possession of his powers.

Part of the letters Joe Biden sent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Speaker Patrick Leahy to warn them of the temporary transfer of presidential powers to Kamala Harris (AP Photo / Wayne Partlow)

During his first brief “presidency” Harris worked in his office in the White House. Debbie Walsh, director of the research institution Center for American Women and Politics, told a Reuters that this replacement cannot really be regarded as the moment when the United States had a woman as president for the first time in its history, her reign being so short.

In his book I’ll Take Your Questions Now, Stephanie Grisham, head of the press office of Donald Trump’s presidency, hinted that the former president also underwent a colonoscopy in 2019, but did not let it be known so as not to have to transfer his powers to then Vice President Mike. Pence and for not being made fun of about the medical procedure on TV. Biden has vowed to be more transparent about his health status than his predecessor – both were the oldest presidents to take office at the time of their election, but Biden is older and currently 79.

Colonoscopy is a diagnostic test in which the walls of the colon, the final section of the executive system, are checked by inserting a probe into the anus. It is not painful because it occurs under sedation, and is an important prevention tool, especially for colorectal cancers but also for other pathologies and possible problems. It is especially recommended for those over 50, or for those with family history of colorectal cancer.

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