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Johnson’s father once again embarrasses the premier, the deputy: “Here’s how he harassed me at the conservative congress”

Conservative MP Caroline Nokes, former Immigration Minister with Theresa May’s government, reported on TV that she was harassed by Stanley Johnson, father of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. To the microphones of Sky News, the deputy explained that the episode dates back to 2003, when the two met at the Conservative party conference in Blackpool. At the time, Johnson’s father was a candidate for parliamentary parliament in Teignbridge in Devon, and had already been an MEP in the past: “I remember a really important man – he said. Nokes – patting me on the bottom as hard as he could and saying, ‘Oh, Romsey, you’ve got a nice seat.’ Of that story, Johnson senior says: “I don’t remember it.” Nor has any comment been made from Downing Street so far. This isn’t the first time Boris Johnson has found himself grappling with embarrassing cases involving his father. Already with the referendum on Brexit, the two had found themselves on opposite sides. And then there was the very hard attack by Stanley Johnson to his son’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic, during one of the most dramatic times for the UK.

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Johnsons father embarrasses premier deputy Heres harassed conservative congress

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