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To be a blogger without having your back covered by the strong powers, the only thing you get are libel lawsuits, such as those made against us by Martina d’Orazio and Riccardo Palleschi, both for the exact same article a year ago. The lawsuits will make their way (and if you want to help pay the legal costs you are always welcome), in the meantime new statements have been released by the doctor, always on Radio Radio microphones (but we also hope to see her as a guest on some well-known channels of the DTT).

Title of the RR service:

We would also agree with that title, the problem is when we begin to wonder who manipulates whom.

We report his words from Radio Radio:

The question is: what happened in Sweden? Even without a vaccination campaign, the Swedes were vaccinated at 67%. If we go to see the number of infections, Sweden is under Italy despite everything being open. Will we die more then? The graph of the last two months shows that Italy is in 25th place in terms of the number of deaths per million inhabitants, while Sweden is in 55th place. Despite no restrictive measures, Sweden remains below Italy both as people who get infected and who die. However, Italy has more infections and more mortality than India too. The trend of deaths in Sweden shows two waves and then a trend that went down and the last wave never happened

The above was said by Dr. D’Orazio and broadcast by Radio Radio on November 12th. Just out of curiosity, that same day the Financial Times reported an article where statements by Tegnell, the Swedish state epidemiologist, were taken.

Tegnell obviously defends his actions, although criticism is still ongoing in Sweden and there is an investigation that will be concluded no earlier than next year on what has been done wrong in the Scandinavian country.

The article, in addition to quoting his words, also analyzed the numbers of the pandemic at that time.

What did you tell the FT?

He stressed that “Sweden closed enormouslyDespite the lack of a formal blockade. It has had empty streets for much of 2020 and almost no cases of influenza and other respiratory diseases since people worked from home and avoided travel and social contact, he said.

But how? Doctor D’Orazio on Radio Radio claims that life continued as before and that people were on the street and lived without problems. Perhaps Tegnell and D’Orazio should talk about it among themselves, because it is evident that they live in two different Swedes.

Also the FT in its analysis of 12 November noted that:

Sweden’s current infection rate And lower than much of central and eastern Europe, but higher than France, Spain and Italy. Tegnell said that Sweden tends to have a recovery in later cases than others and that he firmly believes that the recent increase will continue in the coming months.

But how? Dr. D’Orazio just said that the last wave never happened, what are they saying when they talk about increased cases in the Financial Times? Here too we think that we are dealing with two different Swedes.

Just for the sake of completeness of data, in Sweden mortality from the pandemic was about 146 deaths per 100 thousand people, in Norway there are not 20 deaths per 100 thousand. In Finland we are 21 people, in Denmark 47. This figure alone should make us understand that there is something wrong with Radio Radio’s story.

In the ranking of deaths per million inhabitants it is very true that Italy is in 25th place, and I am sure that Sweden was in 55th position on 12 November (today it is at 54). But it is not with Italy that comparisons must be made, but with countries that have a similar demographic and cultural situation, precisely Norway, Finland and Denmark. Here, today (as I write this is November 15) the rankings of these three are respectively Denmark 117, Finland 135, Norway 146. Sweden, compared to the three closest countries to it, had a very high mortality per million inhabitants. What sense does it make the comparison with Italy?

Unfortunately, from the FT’s analysis the situation in Italy has changed, and the numbers are rising, but without the intensive care units being under stress for the moment, thanks to vaccines and social distancing, which no matter what the No Green passes say, a good part of the Country is still complying.

There are now excellent resources to monitor to get a clear picture of the situation, we found the Reuters dashboard that we recommend to everyone very well done.

All of the above does not mean that Italy has done everything right, there have been many mistakes here too, the first and most important is that of allowing anyone to talk about a pandemic without introducing sanctions for those who contributed to disinformation, giving voice to subjects who had nothing to do with the health emergency but were only in search of visibility.

We do not believe it is necessary to add more.

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