Nuclear, new motion in the House. The government is asked to definitively stop the atom and urge the EU to do the same

After the motion in the House for the first signature of Maurizio Lupi say ‘We with Italy’ for Parliament to discuss e votes in favor of nuclear power fourth generation, another has been published, which goes in the opposite direction, first signed by the deputy from Taranto Giovanni Vianello, rapporteur of the investigation in the Ecomafie commission on Cnapi, the National Charter of the areas potentially suitable for hosting the National Deposit. The Draghi government is asked to oppose the inclusion of nuclear energy and gas in the green taxonomy of the European Union and not to take initiatives to allow again the exploitation and use of nuclear energy in Italy “in accordance with the popular will expressed in the outcome of the referendum of 1987 and 2011“. Another 11 parliamentarians from various members of the mixed group, including the former president of Legambiente, signed the motion Rossella Muroni (Let’s Eco) and the former minister Lorenzo Fioramonti.

A change of gear from Glasgow – For the Draghi government it would be a change of gear, compared to what was shown at the Cop26 of Glasgow, where Italy has not signed, together with Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Portugal and Denmark, a declaration against insertion of nuclear power in the EU taxonomy. Also in that case, one side in response to another, but in the European context, given that in mid-October twelve countries had written to the European Commission, at the forefront of the France, to ask for nuclear energy to be recognized as a low-emission energy source, to be included in the EU plans for the “transition towards climate neutrality”. Together with Paris, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Romania.

The text of the motion – “The announcements and alleged costs related to investments in atomic energy declared by the proponents – reads the motion – the results have always been disregarded: in 2008 there were two Epr (European Pressurized Reactor, i.e. advanced third generation European pressurized water nuclear reactor, ed) under construction, one in Finlandia Olkiluoto and one in France to Flamanville“. In Finland, the construction company, Areva, went bankrupt while the estimated cost has risen approximately four times and, according to the new forecasts, it will not end before 2024.

In Flamanville, a construction site managed by Edf, construction costs have gone up up to 19 billion euros “Also taking into account the financial costs as assessed by the Corte Des Compts in 2020”. Also in this case the construction is not finished. “In the USA – the motion continues – twenty years after the ‘nuclear renaissance’ launched by George W. Bush, no generation III + reactors have come into operation and of the four AP1000 reactors under construction, two have been canceled and two continue at exorbitant costs: from the initial approximately 9 billion dollars it has already gone to an estimate of 27 billion “.

Between research and decommissioning – In Italy, despite the referendums, the research never stopped. The Minister of Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani granted the patronage of the ministry to the event ‘Stand Up for Nuclear’, a series of meetings to promote the use of nuclear energy as an energy source. Leonardo, through its subsidiary Vitrociset, is committed to Iter, the project that aims to create a experimental nuclear fusion reactor. Enea also participates. “The construction should have finished in 2016, but it is estimated that it will not happen before 2025,” the deputies recall. On decommissioning “after 34 years from the shutdown of the reactors, the radioactive waste produced by power plants and other nuclear sites is partly abroad to be reprocessed and then returned in Italy and partly located in 19 temporary sites on the national territory “.

The costs are passed on to the electricity bills under the heading A2RIM and represent 6% of the ‘system charges’ which account for about 23% of the electricity costs of a typical family. In the meantime, construction of the National repository for the permanent storage of radioactive waste with low activity and, temporarily, those with medium and high activity which then should transferred to a hypothetical geological repository or in some shared depth repositories, an option that some European countries are thinking about, including Italy. In this regard, the motion requests that the government take steps to ensure that there is “certain planning for the identification of the site that will host the geological repository“No later than 2027 or in any case before the creation of the National Deposit. And that a confrontation with the United States is opened, so that the 84 fuel elements irradiated uranium-thorium (20 of which have been retracted) which are located at the Itrec di Rotondella and come from the Central American Elk River, come back to the USA.

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