500 people ended up in hospital- Corriere.it

500 people ended up in hospital- Corriere.it
500 people ended up in hospital- Corriere.it
from Alessandra Muglia

The minister reassures: “Remedies for everyone in the country’s hospitals are part of the plan against climate change”

The climate changes and the evil scorpions attack Aswan. The Egyptian province where the Nile Valley begins and the Libyan desert ends was scourged over the weekend by rare showers, hail
and strong wind. The storm unearthed the dreaded Androctonus: “the killers of men”, of the species crasscauda, that is, with a fat tail, they poured into the streets, even into the houses in search of shelter.
Over 500 people have been admitted to hospitals for stings. Some local media also reported the deaths of three citizens, but the news was further denied by the interim Health Minister Khalid Abdel-Ghafar: the three deaths occurred over the weekend that one of his collaborators had spoken of would actually be linked to the rains torrential.

Floods and heavy hailstorms caused extensive damage to homes and shops and forced local authorities to suspend school lessons. Citizens are invited to stay indoors.
This type of scorpion, about 8-10 centimeters long, lives in North Africa and the Middle East, and is considered one of the most dangerous species in the world: its venom can kill even within an hour.
The minister himself wanted to calm people down: there is one sufficient supply of antidotes against scorpion stings in hospitals and health units of all Egyptian governorates – he said – are part of the dicastery’s plan to tackle climate change …

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people ended hospital Corriereit

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